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Managing Complexity

The deficit showdown reflects a challenge of modern times: how can government – and society – deal with increased complexity? A new book may point the way. Noted government observer Donald Kettl, wrote several years ago that the government of the future needs to develop three things to deal with increased complexity: knowledge-driven organizations, theRead… Read more »

Looking For A Tool To Help Your Agency’s Data Make Sense – Come to this FREE webinar

Have you registered for the next Web Manager University New Media Talk? This event is interesting to me personally because – I hate data. I mean – I actually love using data to make decisions, prove theories, and discover patterns. What I don’t like is inputting data into tables, creating graphs, and making it usable,Read… Read more »

Gov 2.0: Mission, Tools, Metrics, Teach (The Four Laws of Levy)

Cross-posted from Wired to Share I got thinking again this week about one of my favorite Gov 2.0 practitioners, the EPA’s Jeffrey Levy. Levy is important not just because he’s one of the nicest folks in Gov 2.0, which he is, but because he’s making real strides in creating road maps for integration of socialRead… Read more »