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It’s All About Memory

I recently pubished a post on personal mastery in your current job vs moving up: Today, I read something that suggests that rather than deliberate practice, your memory capacity is actually the key difference between good and great: What do you think GovLoopers? Could the hype about memory correct and if so, shouldRead… Read more »

On Becoming a “Word Artist” on Stage and Page: How to ASPIRE-2 – Critical Components of “Excellence”

Hi, In between working on the Gentoring ™ concept, I’m finishing my essay on ASPIRE-2. Email if you missed Part I which focused on the first six (ASP) “creativity” characteristics — Aggression & Accessibility Symbol & Synthesis Poignant & Playful Imagery & Irony Risk-Taking and Rhythm ‘n Rhyme Expressive & Excellence To read this essayRead… Read more »