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Member of the Week: Doris Tirone

Doris Tirone USDA Rural Development 1. What was your path to public service/current job? I took a somewhat unconventional path in my professional journey. a. I enlisted in Navy at toward the end of the Vietnam Era and gained my first 6 years of professional experience learning what it meant to be a MilitaryRead… Read more »

Member of the Week: Amy Phillips

Amy works at Booz Allen ( 1. What was your path to public service/current job? As a government contractor, you work on the jobs that are assigned to you. But even that can change the course of your career. I started out as a project assistant, and when I was assigned to a contract wereRead… Read more »

Member-of-the-Week: Tricia Garland

Tricia Garland Arizona Department of Environmental Quality Links:, Tricia’s blogs: 1. What was your path to public service? While I was in college I was an intern for Honeywell working in the aerospace industry (government contractor) writing procedures, and I also worked as a telephone operator. In fact, some of the phoneRead… Read more »

Member of the Week: Henry Brown

I am currently employed as a Security Analyst for Office of Personnel Management 1.What was your path to public service/current job? I spent 15 years in the military, before I decided that money was one of the more important things in my life (was trying to raise a family on E-6 pay in theRead… Read more »

Member of the Week: GovLoop’s Very Own Stephen Peteritas

******************************************** Not yet a member? Join GovLoop! ******************************************** By now, you’ve probably noticed a guy named Stephen Peteritas running around GovLoop, posting awesome questions and being uber-active. Well, it’s time to bring him out from the shadows and formally introduce the newest member of the GovLoop family (who’s not really that new anymore since he’sRead… Read more »

Member of the Week: Dannielle Blumenthal

Have you met Dannielle Blumenthal? Chances are you’ve bumped into her on GovLoop – she’s created several groups and has as of late become a prolific blogger. Her short answers below really don’t do justice to her contributions to GovLoop and government communications, so I hope that this brief profile prompts you to join herRead… Read more »


KEVIN JACKSON Kevin Jackson is currently an Engineering Fellow with NJVC, one of the largest information technology solutions providers supporting the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). Prior to this position, he served in various senior management positions including VP, Dataline LLC, Director Federal for Sirius Computer Solutions and Worldwide Sales Executive for IBM. His formalRead… Read more »

Member of the Week: Meyer Moldeven (a 93-Year Young Member!)

One of our members, Meyer Moldeven, caught my attention by stating that he was in his “93rd year.” I quickly confirmed with him that I read that comment correctly…and it was true! So here you go – a Member of the Week that I have to believe is our most senior GovLooper! 1. How didRead… Read more »

Member of the Week: Denise Hill

Denise Hill Organization: U.S. Department of Energy Supporting Links:; 1. What was your path to public service/current job? After college, I started working as a retail manager, excited to have my first post-college job and for the adventures that lay ahead. Growing up, many of my relatives, including my mom, had careers inRead… Read more »

Member of the Week – John Nelson

I spoke with John Nelson, the Privacy Officer for the Food Safety and Inspections Service at the Department of Agriculture. His efforts are at the forefront of personal privacy development and safeguarding. He aptly describes how privacy issues have far reaching affects, and why protection of personal privacy interests requires a proactive approach. The talkRead… Read more »