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Thanks For The Paycheck

Celebrate your paychecks and salute the people who make it happen! National Payroll Week — September 6-10, 2010 National Payroll Week celebrates the hard work by America’s 156 million wage earners and the payroll professionals who pay them. Together, through the payroll withholding system, they contribute, collect, report and deposit approximately $1.7 trillion, or 71.9%,Read… Read more »

Growing national security apparatus highlights potential roadblocks to obtaining and keeping a security clearance.

A recent Washington Post article detailed what it cites as a top secret national intelligence infrastructure that has been steadily growing since September 11th, 2001. The Post highlights the fact that some 854,000 people hold top secret security clearances, nearly 1.5 times as many people that live in Washington D.C. itself. According to Tully RinckeyRead… Read more »

What is Privacy? 5 Common Sense Tips While Social Networking….

What exactly is considered private when it comes to social media and social networking? Since becoming involved in social media about a year and a half ago I have been a little astonished at what people share about themselves. MySpace has been the social networking website where both men and woman pushed the limits onRead… Read more »

The Kentucky State Police Are Finding Success Using Social Media

I love to read a news article on the web that highlights a law enforcement agency that is using social media and being successful at it. Some may say social media success for law enforcement has to be measured by arrests, crimes prevented or some numerical value. However, successful use of social media for lawRead… Read more »

You Can’t Ban Social Media!

While reading some of my latest Google Alert’s I cam across a blog post by David Etue of The article titled “Mitigation, not prohibition, is best response to social media’s security risks” provides an excellent argument why organizations such as law enforcement agencies need to get into the conversation. Etue does a great jobRead… Read more »

Social Media, Social Networking, New Media Will Change Law Enforcement!

There seems to be a reluctance of law enforcement in a general sense to become involved in social media. Whether it is lack of education, funds, or knowledge law enforcement is fast being left behind by criminals who are adapting to social media. An example, Flash Mobs became a problem in Philadelphia this past MarchRead… Read more »

National Writing Examiner (NWE)101: the consultant proposal

by Donna L. Quesinberry National Writing Examiner (NWE) The precursor to the “Consultant’s Proposal (CP)” is good capture management recognition. It is essential in the enablement of quality consulting to excel in communication. Before writing a CP, the Consultant should have a verbal and mental agreement in place already that is the result of buildingRead… Read more »

US Gov’t Pro Social Media, Law Enforcement Asleep At The Wheel!

The US Department of State has jumped into Facebook amid a growing number of federal agencies that are doing the same. Other federal agencies involved in social media are the National Security Agency, US Army, US Navy, US Coast Guard, The White House, and many others. The federal government is clearly becoming a leader inRead… Read more »

Great Ideas to Build Momentum for Next Year’s CFC

Here are some lessons learned from this year’s record-breaking Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area (CFCNCA) to advance your planning for the 2010 CFCNCA: 1. Schedule a post-campaign debrief with your department and agency leaders. Learn what sparks their enthusiasm. Take the opportunity to tell them how much their efforts affect the successRead… Read more »

DoD Takes On Social Media | Gets All Branches Under One Policy

The Department of Defense has implemented an encompassing “Responsible and Effective Use of Internet-based Capabilities Policy” last week to get everyone under their large umbrella on the same “social networking” use page ( As one could imagine the DoD was going to have to do something sooner than later to get the different organizations underRead… Read more »