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How To #Fail At Twitter In 4 Easy Steps

Prior to 02/2009 I never participated in any social networking sites. Then a friend introduced me to WordPress blogging and Twitter. The result was an injection of social networking into my life that I had never experienced before. I became an active Twitter persona Tweeting daily and meeting new people regularly. There was a satisfactionRead… Read more »

Bill Bratton Delivers At 2010 Wired Business Conference

I had the opportunity to attend the WIRED Business Conference, Disruptive by Design, on Monday 06/14/10 as a guest of Altegrity Risk International (ARI) Chairman Bill Bratton. He was one of the featured speakers at this conference. WIRED magazine is one of the most respected technological magazines of all time, and is touted as theRead… Read more »

What is Privacy? 5 Common Sense Tips While Social Networking….

What exactly is considered private when it comes to social media and social networking? Since becoming involved in social media about a year and a half ago I have been a little astonished at what people share about themselves. MySpace has been the social networking website where both men and woman pushed the limits onRead… Read more »

The Kentucky State Police Are Finding Success Using Social Media

I love to read a news article on the web that highlights a law enforcement agency that is using social media and being successful at it. Some may say social media success for law enforcement has to be measured by arrests, crimes prevented or some numerical value. However, successful use of social media for lawRead… Read more »

How Law Enforcement Can Better Control Their Message Using Social Media!

Law enforcement has basically been at the mercy of the news media. Whether issuing press releases, responding to a high profile case, or requesting help from citizens in a missing person case the police were (are) at the behest of the media to communicate there message. Social media offers alternative options for law enforcement agenciesRead… Read more »

You Can’t Ban Social Media!

While reading some of my latest Google Alert’s I cam across a blog post by David Etue of The article titled “Mitigation, not prohibition, is best response to social media’s security risks” provides an excellent argument why organizations such as law enforcement agencies need to get into the conversation. Etue does a great jobRead… Read more »

Social Media, Social Networking, New Media Will Change Law Enforcement!

There seems to be a reluctance of law enforcement in a general sense to become involved in social media. Whether it is lack of education, funds, or knowledge law enforcement is fast being left behind by criminals who are adapting to social media. An example, Flash Mobs became a problem in Philadelphia this past MarchRead… Read more »

US Gov’t Pro Social Media, Law Enforcement Asleep At The Wheel!

The US Department of State has jumped into Facebook amid a growing number of federal agencies that are doing the same. Other federal agencies involved in social media are the National Security Agency, US Army, US Navy, US Coast Guard, The White House, and many others. The federal government is clearly becoming a leader inRead… Read more » | Post Status Updates to Twitter at Your Own Risk #safety #crime

Neither Mashable nor are fresh on the scene with the common sense notion that criminals are just now getting active in social networking. Criminals have been using social networking sites as a form of communication in their criminal enterprises as well as a place to cultivate job leads (crime leads for those who didRead… Read more »