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James Doyle: NRL Aims to Observe Ocean Battlespaces In Real Time

The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory has developed and demonstrated several tools for measuring atmospheric and ocean parameters to help predict the weather. NRL presented numerical weather prediction models and sensing systems at the U.S. Navy’s annual Trident Warrior sea trial exercise held from July 13 through 18, NRL said Wednesday. “These numerical experiments demonstrate, inRead… Read more »

Navy to Hold UUV Briefing for Industry

The U.S. Navy plans to hold industry briefings in October on a program to build an unmanned underwater vehicle, Military & Aerospace Electronics reported Thursday. John Keller writes Naval Undersea Warfare Center officials will discuss the Large Displacement Unmanned Undersea Vehicle program with interested companies on Oct. 16 at Alion Science and Technology in Washington,Read… Read more »

Proceedings on education and training for leaders, managers, and all those invested in the success of their people

Original post from at Leaders, managers, and all those invested in the success of their people would do well to indulge themselves in last month’s (February 2010) “Education and Training” issue of Proceedings from the U.S. Naval Institute (on Twitter@navalinstitute). I make this recommendation broadly, as I find many of the lessons learnedRead… Read more »