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3 Ways to Teach People in a Bureaucracy how to Experiment – Keynote from Bryan Sivak

This morning Bryan Sivak, HHS CTO shared the importance of technology in improving health care. In his talk, Bryan discussed how HHS Open Government is spurring healthcare innovation through challenges, open data, and intrapreneurship and shared his vision for the future of health technology. Bryan Sivak joined the Department of Health and Human Services asRead… Read more »

How 2 Live Regret Free

The late great Steve Jobs once said “If today were the last day of my life…would I want to do what I have to do today?” Ben Sands, Founder and CEO of Regret Free Life, shared with the attendees of NextGen 2013 how to life a regret free life and as future leaders how notRead… Read more »

Paint by Numbers

As a child, Dr. Karla Drenner (D-GA House of Representatives) loved to paint by numbers. She said her mother would tell her to “be mindful and stay inside the lines.” As an adult, she discovered its okay to break the rules and create your own masterpiece. Paintings express the way we see things or wouldRead… Read more »

Creating Innovation: “A Field Guide to Herding Cats”

Creating Innovation in Government NextGen Conference Luncheon Keynote Presented by Andreas Addison, “Civic Innovator,” City of Richmond, VA How can you innovate in government? Andreas Addison, self proclaimed Civic Innovator for the City of Richmond, VA, compares the process of creating innovation in government to herding cats. It is a challenge to make a catRead… Read more »

The Innovation Of Public-Private Partnerships

The challenges of the 21st century not only cut across multiple agencies, they also cut across the lines between the public vs. the private sectors. Yet the original design of our government was not intended to collaborate well across multiple organizations. A frustrating dilemma. But that doesn’t mean we can’t rethink and evolve government toRead… Read more »

Now! The Case for Young People in Government

We are live at the Next Generation of Government Training Summit! NextGen is a two-day training summit aimed at inspiring and educating rising government leaders. The sessions and workshops presented are jam packed with information to further enhance their day-to-day career and the betterment of government overall. For our closing keynote on Day 1, weRead… Read more »

Lightning Speaker: It Takes a Village to Save the Ark: Experiences in Government and Zoo Collaboration for All-Hazards Emergency Preparedness by Dr. Jeleen Briscoe

Our second lightening speaker was Dr. Jeleen Brisco, Department of Agriculture. Her presentation was called: It Takes a Village to Save the Ark: Experiences in Government and Zoo Collaboration for All-Hazards Emergency Preparedness by Dr. Jeleen Briscoe. Dr. Jeleen Briscoe’s abstract for the presentation can be found below: Zoos and aquariums provide the public up-close-and-personalRead… Read more »

Agents of Change: Harnessing External & Internal Pressures as Opportunities for Change

Today, I was lucky enough to sit in on a panel about harnessing external and internal pressures as opportunities for change at the Next Generation of Government Training Summit. The panel consisted of: Steve Ressler, Founder and President of GovLoop, Joseph Lovett, Producer and Director of the film Going Blind, Linda Jacobs Washington, President andRead… Read more »