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Know Your Strengths, Harness Your Strengths

We were fortunate to have Paul Allen, Strengths Evangelist at Gallup, to speak as our welcome keynote at lunch. Allen has over 20 years of experience as a social entrepreneur, involved in the founding of 7 companies. Surprisingly, he has only known about Strengths Finder for about a year, which speaks to how quickly engagedRead… Read more »

Social Entrepreneurship: Global Challenges, American Innovation

Jonathan Greenblatt, Special Assistant to the President & Director of the Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation, Domestic Policy Council, was one of the final keynotes at the Next Generation of Government Training Summit. His presentation was titled, Social Entrepreneurship: Global Challenges, American Innovation. Greenblatt said, “We are trying to change the way peopleRead… Read more »

Enhancing Your Agency’s Digital Strategy

Enhancing your agency’s digital communications strategy can be difficult, but don’t lose hope! You can do it! That was the sentiment expressed by a panel this afternoon at the NextGen conference. Amanda Eamich of USDA, Tim Fullerton of the Department of Interior, and Elizabeth Hochberg, a lawyer with GSA gave advice and insight about updatingRead… Read more »

How to Become a Brilliant Communicator

Communication gaffes happen. Do you live in fear of making a mistake when communicating via email? Via telephone? You’re not alone. In this afternoon’s breakout session with Andrew Krzmarzick, director of community engagement at GovLoop, Next Generation of Government Training Summit attendees learned how to work past fear of miscommunication in four key areas. 1.Read… Read more »

How to Love Your Government Career

At the Next Generation Training Conference, Bernetta Reese, Web and Digital Communications Manager at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), spoke about how to love your government career. People always say find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life. However, who chooses the perfect job when it comesRead… Read more »

What Consumers Want: 4 Principles of Design Thinking

Participants in the breakout session presented by Peer Insight had the opportunity to focus on a dominate theme of the Next Generation of Government Training Summit: using creativity to improve job performance. Natalie Foley and Jessica Dugan from Peer Insight, a consulting firm that creates impact and growth using design thinking, explained that while designRead… Read more »

15 Lessons Learned on how to Leverage Analytics in Your Agency

We’re still cranking away on live blogging the Next Generation of Government Training Summit. Take a look at all our great coverage here. Below is a brief overview of the Analytics to Decisions session. Analytics is changing the way we work and think about our organizations. Analytics is the future for improved decision-making, helping organizationsRead… Read more »

Creating Innovation in Government

Panelists: Andreas Addison, Civic Innovator, City of Richmond (moderator) Philip Ashlock, Civic Agency Thomas Houston, Fuse Corps Fellow, City of Richmond Dan Hoffman, Chief Innovation Officer, Montgomery County Marina Martin, Presidential Innovation Fellow Earlier in the day, Andreas Addison likened creating innovation in government to herding cats. At his breakout session “Creating Innovation in Government,”Read… Read more »

How Can Leaders Empower Employees to Develop Compelling Ideas? NextGen Recap from Brian Gryth

Still going strong on day two of the Next Generation of Government Training Summit. Here’s a quick recap of the session, Stronger than All the Armies in the World, presented by Brian Gryth, Program Manager of Business Intelligence at the Colorado Department of State. The abstract reads: Victor Hugo said, “there is one thing strongerRead… Read more »