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2011 PMF Survey: How did you do?

If you are a 2011 PMF finalist, please take the time to fill out this survey. I am collecting this information to get an idea of how effective the job fair was, and some information about the placement rates and geographic distribution of finalist appointments. If your information changes, go ahead and submit a newRead… Read more »

PMF Data 2009-2011

[Update 2/12/2011: By popular request, I have also formatted this for CSV/Excel: The format is slightly different and includes is_vet, which is a field denoting whether the finalist is/was a veteran.] Here is another quick update to let you know that I have made available all of the finalists data from 2009-2011, in JavaScriptRead… Read more »

2011 PMF Finalists Update

[Also posted here] [Update 1: There were 850 finalists this year. Last year there were 869.] [Update 2: The list is now posted at, so if you haven’t gotten your email yet, go check the list out.] The finalists for the 2011 Presidential Management Fellows program have begun to receive their notifications. At present,Read… Read more »

A Pathway to Pathways

With the results for the 2011 PMF program being released any day now, I thought this would be a good opportunity to start this discussion… When I attended the “PMF and Pathways Programs: Reinventing the Old and Implementing the New” discussion at NAPA’s headquarters a few weeks ago, this is how they introduced the session:Read… Read more »

2011 PMF Finalists: Open Thread

[Also posted here] I’ve been waiting to post this until the PMF Program Office offered up any news. The 2011 PMF finalist list is due out sometime in late March, according to the latest news on the PMF web site. While this is still vague, it’s nevertheless right around the corner. Historically, the PMF ProgramRead… Read more »