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What Do You Think of New Site

[Cross-posted to the PMF Info blog here. Yes, yesterday.] After months of waiting, the new PMF website ( site has been released. Thematically, it’s an improvement over the old site, but I haven’t yet had a chance to dig into it to see if the information is better organized. What do you all think ofRead… Read more »

PMF Nominations

[Crossposted to PMF Info blog here] The list of 2011 PMF nominations came out a couple of days ago. I’ve been too busy to do more than glance over the list, but figured I would point out the stats from the top. Of the over 9100 applicants, 7482 were nominated by their schools. Next week,Read… Read more »

PMF Assessment #1 2010-2011 (Class of 2011)

It appears the notice of results (i.e. the email with the link and information on the assessment) are starting to go out today to those PMF hopefuls who both successfully applied and were nominated by their respective school’s nomination official. As mentioned previously this year the assessment process has changed. This year the assessment processRead… Read more »

PMF Info on GovLoop

Effective immediately, I will begin crossposting the PMF Info blog on GovLoop. What this means for those of you who follow the blog is that there will be two places to engage in conversation, but it also creates an interesting privacy situation for you to navigate. To the extent possible, I will preserve your anonymityRead… Read more »

Collaborating for the Competitive Edge

It’s ironic that a competitive process could so quickly build community. One could imagine that with 8,500 applicants vying for some 850 spots, any candidate could rediscover his or her high-school-athletics-competitive streak. Yet, as nearly 75 of the “who’s who” at USC’s School of Policy Planning and Development listened to the application process for theRead… Read more »

Fellow PMF hopefuls, start your engines…

“Start your engines.” The phrase is on internal repeat this week as I dive headfirst into the Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) application. While I’m not a huge NASCAR fan, the phrase seems appropriate, as it is certainly a long competition with the best of the best of graduate and professional level students who share theRead… Read more »

Introduction to The Transition: From Student to Public Servant

Hello GovLoop! My name is Jessica and I am extremely excited about joining this new online community! Currently, I am a graduate student in my second (and FINAL) year of my Masters of Public Administration at the University of Delaware and with graduation quickly approaching, I have already begun to kick the wheels in motionRead… Read more »

Intro to the Presidential Management Fellowship (PMF) application process

So, anyone who’s interested in federal government careers and who is pursuing a graduate degree will eventually (hopefully) hear about the Presidential Management Fellowship (PMF, formerly known as PMI). If you are pursing a master’s or PhD and will graduate from Sept. 1, 2010 through Aug. 31, 2011, you should be aware of this mostRead… Read more »