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1 in 7 NEET young people died within 10 years in a recent study

A recent study in the North of England showed that one in seven 16-24 year old ‘NEETs’ – those not in Education, Employment or Training – died within ten years of falling out of the system. Following this report Jon Coles, the director general of schools, said he was ‘profoundly shocked’. 21 years ago IRead… Read more »

ScotWeb2 – Scotland web2 activity

I have followed up, and received a very helpful, and courteous, reply and prompt from the site hosts – thanks Apparently there is no feed functionality as yet, so we can cross post For Scotland, this is the year of the Homecoming, so if you are over on June 19th, join the web2 folksRead… Read more »

Recession Proof Marketing: Dos & Don’ts

Quick read from American Marketing Assocation on how to recession proof your marketing: Most applicable comment that translates across all areas is the quote from Mary Best West, CMO of Kraft Foods, “Walking in the shoes of your consumers is the key to keeping products moving during a recession…And I am talking about walkingRead… Read more »