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Citizen Experience Officer…

I love this concept on the “Experience Matters” blog about suggesting Obama create a Citizen Experience Officer: This is similiar to Chief Customer Officer concept and one that most successful organizations now have whether they are corporate or governemnt. This role includes: 1. Serving as an advocate for the customer (aka, citizens in theRead… Read more »

Recession Proof Marketing: Dos & Don’ts

Quick read from American Marketing Assocation on how to recession proof your marketing: Most applicable comment that translates across all areas is the quote from Mary Best West, CMO of Kraft Foods, “Walking in the shoes of your consumers is the key to keeping products moving during a recession…And I am talking about walkingRead… Read more »

In Need of U.S. Government Social Media Examples?

Just in case you haven’t seen this presentation from a Bev Godwin, Director, & Web Best Practices, Office of Citizen Services, U.S. General Services Administration on Government and Social Media (from March 2008), I wanted to forward along: It has some good examples of how social media is being used in U.S. GovernmentRead… Read more »

Leadership Insight In Obama Inaguration

Click here to read the full blog post: This post has an interesting take on how brand promise was incorporated into Obama’s inaguration address, which will in turn shape overall strategic direction of the adminstration. Quick snackable leadership tips in the blog included: 1. Communicate reality; transparency is key 2. Employee engagement is criticalRead… Read more »

When Will CustomerService.Gov Arrive?

I was reading this article on since the title caught my attention ( and realized my company was referenced…in case it interested anyone, here is the link to access the white paper mentioned in the article: