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What Happens If We Fall Off the Fiscal Cliff?

Ah this “Fiscal Cliff” looming before us! It threatens economic communities, worldwide yet our legislators still find themselves at a stalemate because of campaign promises. So what should we expect in 2013, if we take this dive? Although agencies don’t intend to start employee furloughs on or immediately after January 2nd, don’t think this optionRead… Read more »

To RIF or Not to RIF: What’s Over the Edge of this Fiscal Cliff?

At the edge of this ominous “Fiscal Cliff” lies a very real concern for many federal employers: will we have to reduce our workforce even more? And by what means? Aside from attrition (which reeks organizational havoc over a long period of time), there are two ways a Federal employer can reduce its workforce: TheRead… Read more »

Government Layoffs – The 10 Cities Who Have It Worst

The Top 10 list: New Orleans-Metairie-Kenner, LA Detroit-Warren-Livonia, MI Stockton, CA New Haven-Milford, CT Fresno, CA Providence-New Bedford-Fall River, RI-MA Bakersfield-Delano, CA Kansas City, MO-KS Augusta-Richmond County, GA-SC San Francisco-Oakland-Fremont, CA Methodology: “24/7 Wall St. used data from the Bureau of Labor for statistics for estimated government employment and regional unemployment. The employment change figuresRead… Read more »

The Reorg Rag (with apologies to no one)

It can’t happen here, I have too much to do…Who took my desk and chair, my computer, too?They can’t replace me — the Branch Techno-fileWhat do you mean I’m still in denial? Reorg Rag, Reorg Rag,Why does it feel I’ve been fragged?Reorg Rag, Reorg Rag,Maybe I’m just on a jag.Reorg Rag, Reorg Rag,I’m still onRead… Read more »