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What We Should Expect from the New President

This interview is part of a new DorobekINSIDER mini series with experts looking to help shape a management platform for the new administration. Check out all of the stories in the new series, Good Government Management, here. Have you ever made a list of expectations? It could have been your self-expectation list (like a listRead… Read more »

An Overview of Gov’s Top Innovations in 2015

Oftentimes we associate innovations with new inventions that produce fancy gadgets and knickknacks. However, innovations encompass innovative thinking and produce new mindsets and processes. In GovLoop’s annual discussion, DorobekINSIDER Live: Counting Down the Top Innovations in 2015, three experts focused on ways government has been improving its management procedures around information technology (IT), procurement, andRead… Read more »

The White House Wants You, Esteemed Experts!

The White House has been busy the last couple weeks, marking the first anniversary of the Open Government Directive with a live Q&A session, releasing a 25-Point Federal CIO Implementation Plan, and posting an ExpertNet RFI. We also shared a great analysis of the Open Government Initiative by Ph.D. candidate Angela Newell. This week, weRead… Read more »