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HUD’s Approach to Engage Millennials Early and Often

Data shows that millennials are leaving government at faster rates than Gen Xers and baby boomers. And although the outlook seems bleak, agencies should use this data to fuel change and new ideas that keep all employees, especially newly hired millennials, engaged and inclined to stay on board.

How Maine is Tapping Millennial Expertise to Recruit Millennials

The state didn’t hire a team of consultants to figure out that it took applicants nine clicks to find the state’s Office of IT (OIT) job site or that job seekers weren’t sure of the difference between open hire and direct hire. Those were just a few of the issues a handful of OIT interns… Read more »

Why Job Rotations Are Vital to the Senior Executive Service

Both current and former federal employees argue that SESers need job rotations to grow professionally and prepare to meet the government’s most pressing needs. Elizabeth Kolmstetter, Chief Human Capital Officer at the U.S. Agency for International Development is one of those proponents. Her story is one example of the valuable opportunities that come from job… Read more »