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Transformation Award Lands at OPM as Reorganization Plans Released to Congress

OPM’s reorganization continued Thursday when a legislative plan submitted to Congress detailed steps for the long-promised dissolution of the standalone office.

HUD’s Approach to Engage Millennials Early and Often

Data shows that millennials are leaving government at faster rates than Gen Xers and baby boomers. And although the outlook seems bleak, agencies should use this data to fuel change and new ideas that keep all employees, especially newly hired millennials, engaged and inclined to stay on board.

Embracing Data-The Best Places to Work in Federal Gov

Why does the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) poll government employees every year about the best places to work in the federal government? Is it a recruitment tool for those considering public service? To gauge employee satisfaction? Just for fun? Maybe. However, the Partnership for Public Service (PPS), wants the survey to be a sourceRead… Read more »

Federal Recruiting Software – Is the Eye on the Ball?

There are numerous unique challenges for agencies to attract, hire, onboard, retain and develop the best possible talent. I think it’s best to leave that to organizations that are laser-focused on how to address these challenges and any obstacles that agencies face in overcoming them.

A Look Into the Future of Gov-2016

A possible government shutdown (a decision that will be made on December 11th) and a potential new executive order are some of the first signs that call for a changed and improved government going into 2016. It is true that it takes a few missteps to figure out the right solution and Tom Fox, ViceRead… Read more »