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Reality TV and Accessibility Have a Lot in Common

How many times have you heard people say, “I hate reality TV! I want real shows. I wish they’d make something else.”? I don’t understand why people remained glued to reality TV shows despite their professed hatred of them. “But there’s nothing else on,” people say. “I’ve gotta watch something!” Hold out, I say, holdRead… Read more »

The Contract is Starting to Fail: Ideas for Righting the Course

It is always difficult when vendor performance on a contract starts going south. The signs are often small at first, a missed deadline, a work product that just isn’t quite what you were expecting, a meeting with stakeholders that does not work out as planned. Then the issues become bigger – multiple missed deadlines, incompleteRead… Read more »

Regular Status Meetings: Contractual Relationship Tune-ups

The next point about fostering a vendor relationship is to step back and to evaluate the relationship on a regular basis. Most vendor contracts allow for or even require regular interaction about the day to day activities of the contract. Operational issues come up often and are worked out. This contact and communication is anRead… Read more »

The Consequences of An Inconsistent Acquisition Strategy

Dear Contracting Officer, When you release an RFP solicitation notice that includes a timeline, competition type (e.g., 8(a), Full and Open, Woman-Owned Small Business, etc.), contract vehicle (e.g., GSA Schedule, MOBIS, etc.), requirements and other critical information, industry initiates a process called capture management. This process involves understanding your requirements; identifying capability gaps; developing aRead… Read more »

Common Criteria: What Some Vendors Don’t Tell You

via …and some New Developments. A Little Background Since the European ITSEC and US TCSEC product security evaluation mechanisms were merged into the Common Criteria in around 1998, lots of vendors’ product literature has sported EAL numbers regarding how well-tested their products are. What isn’t typically seen in such documents, though, is detail ofRead… Read more »