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3 Takeaways to Optimize the Government User Experience

Government websites don’t need to be hard to use. Good UX is becoming more and more available to agencies across government.

Talkin’ Pretty: Design and Accessibility

We’ve got a new twist this week, folks. Since I’ve been blogging mostly about accessibility, I wanted to talk with someone who approaches accessibility from a different perspective than a subject matter expert. I met with a designer who works for a federal government agency and has a refreshing outlook on design and accessibility. SheRead… Read more »

Reality TV and Accessibility Have a Lot in Common

How many times have you heard people say, “I hate reality TV! I want real shows. I wish they’d make something else.”? I don’t understand why people remained glued to reality TV shows despite their professed hatred of them. “But there’s nothing else on,” people say. “I’ve gotta watch something!” Hold out, I say, holdRead… Read more »

We Still Need to Convince People About Accessibility

I just read a blog post about the benefits of an accessible site. Despite working in accessibility for the past 15 years, sometimes I still get surprised that we even need to have the conversation about accessibility being necessary and the right thing to do–particularly in government where we’re required to comply with Section 508.Read… Read more »

5 Ways to Prepare for the Section 508 Refresh

We govies have been waiting for the Section 508 refresh for almost seven years. It was April 2008 when an advisory committee presented the first draft of the refresh to the U.S. Access Board. Section 508 is part of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 as amended in 1998. The amendment includes accessibility requirements for government agenciesRead… Read more »

Mobile Apps – a series on their accessibility

The Accessibility Forum 2.0 blog recently started a series on mobile apps and their accessibility to people with disabilities. First they looked into the question of how Section 508 relates to mobile apps. Then they discussed their accessibility in more detail. Copies of both posts are included below. Mobile Web apps and Section 508 MobileRead… Read more »