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Make It Modern: Why You Can’t Build a Legacy on Legacy Systems – Part 1

In 2011, venture capitalist Marc Andreessen said that “software is eating the world.” What he meant was that new software is enabling companies to scale faster, reduce costs, and deliver better customer experiences, and that the rapid spread of useful software is allowing entrenched players like Walmart and FedEx to better maintain dominance in theirRead… Read more »

Towards Large-Scale Sustainability: Wal-Mart Goes Green

How do you change the way a multinational corporation does business? Simplify the message. Could the same tactic work for Federal agencies? It is well-known to many Americans that Wal-Mart has been taking steps towards sustainability for the past few years. Wal-Mart, like many companies, saw that ‘going green’ was good for the environment, andRead… Read more »