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Daily Dose: The Most Important Moment in American History?

In a recent blog posting from the Washington Post’s Al Kamen, we find an interesting, slightly tongue-in-cheek debate going on about who actually takes credit for the SEAL Operation that took down bin Laden. Obama, Bush, or as Kamen writes: Some folks tried to give Bill Clinton credit as well, since he launched that missileRead… Read more »

Daily Dose: How YouTube Can Save Your Job Reputation

In an effort to regain the public’s trust and fix their reputation, the National Air Traffic Controller’s Association (NATCA-the nation’s largest union for air traffic controllers) is turning to social media for help. Via a brand new video posted on YouTube earlier today, a group of experienced air traffic controllers from around the country explainRead… Read more »

Daily Dose: How To Win America

In a recent article from the Washington Post, Dan Eggen discusses a recent proposal from over a dozen large corporations who promise big investments in domestic industries in exchange for tax breaks. The Influence Industry: Companies lobbying for tax holiday on overseas money As Washington politicians grapple with how to lower the federal deficit, aRead… Read more »

Daily Dose: Should the Smithsonian Ban Products Made Overseas?

If you’re up for a challenge, you should definitely try your hand at Washington Post columnist Ed O’Keefe’s recent quiz on where popular Smithsonian souvenir items were manufactured. It is tougher than you might think… Guess Where Smithsonian Gifts Are Made Which leads me to a larger point, as well as another blog post fromRead… Read more »

Forget the Review: Just Give Me My Raise Already!

Isn’t that what happens in government under the current Grade-Step system? People basically advance in career and compensation based on years in office vs. quality of performance. At least that’s the overall perception of public sector pay among citizens…and OPM Director John Berry: The current review process “seems to take place in Garrison Keillor’s LakeRead… Read more »

Daily Dose: Is Your Government Glass Half-Full or Half-Empty?

More than likely you don’t fall under either of those two categories as 49 percent of Americans in a recent Washington Post-ABC poll stated that they felt “uncertain” about the future of the US government and how it works. Merely 26 percent said they felt “optimistic” and 23 percent said they felt “pessimistic.” From ourRead… Read more »

What Do Government Employees Think of the President’s Budget?

Yesterday, GovLoop hosted its second live chat in tandem with the Washington Post. While the first chat tackled the State of the Union, this one covered the President’s proposed budget. In case you missed the chat, you can review it here: By the way, if the chat sparked your interest, you’ll appreciate these otherRead… Read more »

Peering Into the President’s Crystal (Budget) Ball

Well, we know how Congress feels about the upcoming budget. Three words: cut, cut, cut. In case you’re interested, I posted a list of the programs they’d like to slash and trash here: 1. Note to Congress: Don’t Touch My Program! Sound off there and plan to join our Live Chat next Tuesday: 2. RSVPRead… Read more »