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Virtual Volunteering: 10 Ways to Make a Difference

One of the best ways to get focused during a crisis is to help others. So, let’s look at how volunteering can work for anyone: 10 ways to virtual volunteer.

Nonprofit Organizations: Myths and Facts

“Nonprofit” Does Not Mean “No Money” Recent news reports claimed that the IRS targeted extra scrutiny to conservative groups applying for nonprofit tax exemptions. It was much ado about nothing. But it’s time to clarify nonprofits’ legal status and their social roles in our culture. The Internal Revenue Service’s regulation of nonprofit organizations was aRead… Read more »

Kudos to Google and YouTube! Financial Help for Nonprofits and Associations

Http://LeonardSipes.Com (PR and social media for government, associations and nonprofits) I wrote an article describing assistance from Google regarding assistance to nonprofits, see Now, YouTube (owned by Google) is offering an array of incentives to encourage nonprofits to take advantage of its services. One of the challenges of working with nonprofits and associations is gettingRead… Read more »

Relevancy and Government Service

Http://LeonardSipes.Com It’s rare when an article moves you to a thorough understanding of any issue but Adam Hartung’s “Why the Postal Service is Going Out of Business” in Forbes is one of them. The lessons also apply to all aspects of government, association and nonprofit service. As to the Post Office Hartung writes that, “ThereRead… Read more »

Your Fear of Social Media—It’s Too Hard to Understand

Your Fear of Social Media—It’s Too Hard to Understand Http://LeonardSipes.Com First in a series on the fear some people in government, associations and nonprofits express when whey contemplate social media. People exchange information and photos in all sorts of informal groups. You learn from friends and associates their preferences, likes and dislikes. Social media isRead… Read more »

When Government Agencies Meet Caring Celebrities

Yesterday, I published an article called Networked Nonprofits: The Eva Longoria Case Study on the new SECTOR: PUBLIC blog. The post is about a recent, massive use of social media by celebrities to raise $540,000 for a Haitian orphanage. While certainly “good” was done, there are also questions about how much tweeting about a causeRead… Read more »

How Others Are Helping Service Members & Their Families

Through effective collaboration there is the opportunity and power to serve, to help others, to do more good as a result of our collective network. Please feel free to share how others maybe helping our service members and their families. Here is one such story taking place: Today Advanced Auto Parts donated $25k to @Op_HomefrontRead… Read more »

Why Nonprofits Need to be a Part of Citizen Engagement

As we discuss how government agencies can better engage citizens it is also important to focus on how the nonprofits that provide government services can better engage citizens. Steven Smith surveys the vast number of nonprofit organizations and discusses how they evolved from “membership” organizations formed by community volunteers to “services” organizations that are staffedRead… Read more »