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Fixing the Rules of the Game

The budget stalemate back in the spring, the summer debt ceiling debacle, the recent failure of the “super committee,” and the near paralysis over extending the payroll tax cut the are all symptoms of a broken governing system. The non-partisan Peterson-Pew Commission on Budget Reform recently issued a series of recommendations on how to beginRead… Read more »

What’s a SuperCommittee and Why Should I Care?

The SuperCommittee’s task is to create a plan to reduce the deficit by Nov. 23. Without SERIOUS public pressure, we’ll get more tax cuts for millionaires, higher taxes on real people, and cuts in services that we all depend on. We need to make some noise. Read More …

Finger Pointers Need to Look in the Mirror

How many times have we been in situations where we think, “if this person would just . . .” It doesn’t matter if it is a coworker or a spouse we know the issue at hand could be easily addressed if the other party would just do something different. Our frustration rises as we lookRead… Read more »

State & Local Budgets: an opportunity for innovation?

State & local governments are under particular duress this year, with the challenge of balancing their budgets even while unemployment insurance systems and social programs are increasingly depleted and pension systems face a shortfall. By some estimates, 44 states and the District of Columbia are facing budget crises that total more than $6 billion. LocalRead… Read more »

Shakespeare goes to the moon over front-page headlines

Political and financial doom and gloom fill the news. There are endless stories about the budget, debt ceiling, Standard and Poor’s rating, deficits, taxes, spending and so forth. These are all serious issues confronting the nation. The best way of approaching them often perplex the politicians we elect to represent us. I believe despite allRead… Read more »

Former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin and Former President Bill Clinton on the Importance of Reducing the Federal Budget Deficit

Check out this C-SPAN3 Video featuring former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin and Former President Bill Clinton (right here). On April 28, 2010, they discussed reducing the federal deficit at the 2010 Fiscal Summit held at the Peter G. Peterson Foundation. There is no bigger problem today… and it will take political courage to handle thisRead… Read more »