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Limits of Unconferences for Gov 2.0: What Next?

crossposted from Gov 2.0, in my advocacy, is use of emerging technologies to promote a more transparent, efficient and collaborative government. Gov 2.0, in its co-creations by citizens, bureaucrats and entrepreneurs, represents a dramatic remaking of traditional governance power structures through information sharing, low-cost and open source tools, and increased participation. As a massRead… Read more »

City of SF takes its master address system open source

Reposted from, by Karl Fogel We’re pleased to announce that San Francisco’s Enterprise Addressing System has now been open sourced! EAS is a web-based system for managing the city’s master database of physical addresses, tied to Assessor’s parcels and the City’s street centerline network. We posted a short screencast of EAS in action aRead… Read more »

A Few Gov 2.0 Thoughts As We Greet 2011

I’m not big on resolutions, roundups and predictions, but I have been tweeting a bit about Gov 2.0 in 2011 and a great back and forth today with our movement’s scribe, Alex Howard, teased out a few of my thoughts in greater detail. My reflections for 2011 are more of a sentiment than any concreteRead… Read more »

Review: Bob Fine’s ‘The Big Book of Social Media’

I did my first advance praise copy for a mass market book in 2010 (Mark Amtower’s “Selling to the Government”). What that means is getting a review chapter and a table of context and coming up with something pithy about the author and why their book matters. I’ve also received a couple of books fromRead… Read more »

OpenSF: Film Commission Opens Data Trove to App Developers

San Francisco’s always been a special place for movie buffs. And now the City’s Film Commission is opening up its treasure trove of historical information to application developers. As part of the City’s signature “open data” initiative, the commission this week posted information on more than 800 San Francisco locations used in movie shoots fromRead… Read more »

IT: Breaking Business Unit Barriers with Collaboration Tools?

From OpenSF In a late-2007 management audit of San Francisco’s technology department, the City’s budget analyst recommended that the City’s tech oversight body, the Committee on Information Technology (COIT), “create communications tools for information technology managers to communicate more effectively with each other.” The report also directed a similar recommendation to the technology department: “EstablishRead… Read more »