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On Wikileaks: Gov 2.0, The Press and Free Society

There are people who do Gov 2.0 work who do not believe in calling “Government 2.0″ a movement. In the non-movement sense, Gov 2.0 is practically defined as anything that someone wants to call “Gov 2.0″ – often an emerging technology looking to capitalize on the movement. There’s something to capitalize on because Government 2.0Read… Read more »

My CityCampSF: Lessons and Next Steps

I am involved with the Gov 2.0 movement because I believe it will bring important change to calcified and inefficient governmental structures. CityCampSF, an unconference held yesterday in San Francisco, will be a success if real actions stem from the event discussions and connections. I got two action items from the event that I intendRead… Read more »

‘Ning Everywhere’ Means More GovLoop for You

Ning, the social networking platform that power GovLoop and tens of thousands of other communities, is getting a big upgrade, and that means more ways to interact with friends and content from the government social network. In San Francisco on Tuesday night, Ning CEO Jason Rosenthal announced “Ning Everywhere,” a new API roll out thatRead… Read more »

Social Media: Putting a Human Face on Government

At a couple of recent presentations on social media for local government, I asked the audiences of IT professionals which tools they were already using. At least 90 percent indicated they were using Twitter or Facebook, usually both. The battle for social media adoption has been won. However, adoption is just the first step, andRead… Read more »

Join Us for CityCampSF!

CityCamp is a global movement of informal conferences bringing together neighborhood and nonprofit leaders and activists, entrepreneurs and technology developers, new media and traditional journalists, and municipal employees to brainstorm, teach, learn and plan how to promote civic engagement and improve our cities with emerging technologies. CityCampSF on Saturday, October 16, is a free eventRead… Read more »

CityCampSF, Oct. 16 – Sign Up Now!

Are you interested in the future of civic engagement, emerging media and Gov 2.0 innovations? CityCampSF, Saturday, October 16, 9 to 6, is an unconference where we will: Bring together municipal employees, experts, programmers, designers, citizens and journalists to share perspectives and insights about San Francisco and the Bay Area cities in which we liveRead… Read more »

Gov 2.0: Creating New Civic Activists

In presenting on social media for local government, I try to emphasize that it’s not about the tool, it’s about the innovation. It’s about engaging people who may not naturally visit your web site or your city hall, but still care deeply about their government and their community. It’s about meeting people where they areRead… Read more »