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Driving Customer Satisfaction in Cities

After slogging through the Great Recession, cities are making a comeback in a big way. Residents have been flocking to urban areas across America to take advantage of jobs, parks, convenience and amenities. Population growth in large cities exceeded 1% on average from 2010 – 2013, and cities gained more residents in the first few yearsRead… Read more »

3 Ways Digital Engagement is Changing Transportation

Government agencies tasked with the responsibility of keeping drivers and passengers safe on the road face daunting challenges every day. From finding new ways to increase awareness of the importance of cars seats and seat belts, to helping drivers avoid congestion and road closures, satisfying the ever-changing needs of today’s travelers can seem like an uphillRead… Read more »

When Social Media Gets Ugly

By Amy Larsen, Client Success Consultant at GovDelivery (cross post from Social media can be a beautiful thing. With unlimited possibilities for connections with billions of people worldwide, friendships can be strengthened, families can connect across the globe, and loyal customers can become raving fans, even friends, of your organization. But like most things,Read… Read more »