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Government 2.0 is a Feasible & Irreversible Process [Of Stephen Hawkings & Physics]

The Book ‘Theory of Everything’ by Stephen W. Hawking is one book with rich deposits of scientific fundamentals which can reign in on one’s thought-train forever. The emeritus scientist Hawking delves in to direction of time, expansion of universe at a critical rate, ever increasing disorderliness of things and even absolute truths like remembrance ofRead… Read more »

Imprisonment – An Extreme End of Social Media (Putting Entire Haiti behind bars!)

Exploring over the Internet I recently landed over the subject of incarceration around the world and rather landed myself into trouble of loosing two consecutive nights in sleeplessness. For here I am (we are) selling Open Governance, Social Media, Government 2.0 to a generation with social consciousness, and thinking how sweet the generation would beRead… Read more »

Man is a Social Animal. Why not the Government then? [Government 2.0]

Numerous blogs out there sport #Gov20 or #OpenData buzzword these days igniting interesting conversations around what they believe Government 2.0 platform is probably gonna be like tomorrow. Some assume it to be a Facebook clone, some say it should be Twitter et al and some go even as far as challenging the norms of opennessRead… Read more »

What does Gov 2.0 mean afterall? Surely, not Shovelware!

Shovelware is a derogatory computer term that refers to software noted more for the quantity of what is included than for the quality or usefulness. When little thought is given to the design of an application meant for specific use on the destination platform or medium, resulting in poor quality service, what we end upRead… Read more »