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Immigration in the Age of #Social: The Benefits of Managing Social Media Data

Quantity has a Quality all its own. This famous and perceptive phrase has been variously attributed to the German philosopher Hagel, Engels, Lenin, and finally Josef Stalin. Despite the largely shady cast of characters associated with it, the phrase captures an important truth: that large volumes often have characteristics far beyond the traits of aRead… Read more »

Immigration in the Social Age: Providing Mobile Access to Mobile People

As a Puerto Rican, I’m really interested in trends in mobile and internet usage among Latinos. They are remarkably high, outpacing the US population in several areas. Clearly many of these Latinos were immigrants in the not too distant past, supporting the argument to do more with mobile presented in our next blog installment onRead… Read more »

Immigration in the Age of #Social: Engaging at Home and Abroad

Good Morning GovLoop!! This next in the series of blog posts by Deloitte’s Immigration Community of Interest (iCOIN) makes the case for why going social would make immigration and citizen services more effective. A key point is the need for Federal agencies going social to interact with citizens, immigrants, and visitors: not just broadcast toRead… Read more »

Immigration in the Age of #Social: Do Not Risk Becoming Obsolete

Today is the third anniversary of my retirement from CIA. I’ve learned a lot in these 3 years. One particular plus has been getting to observe how this generation of knowledge workers is incorporating new tools to think and do differently. At Deloitte Consulting we’ve become advocates for the transformational impact of social and workRead… Read more »

RecoveringFed writes on The Power of Pull

This is a repost from my blog About halfway through their new book The Power of Pull, John Hagel III, John Seely Brown, and Lang Davison write about how individuals can use emerging social networking capabilities to harness personally the power of pull–pull being their term for the capability of institutions and individuals toRead… Read more »

RecoveringFed writes on The Discreet Charms of the North American Knowledge Worker

This is a repost from my blog Over a very pleasant meal yesterday, my lunch partner and I began to exchange ideas about how best to manage knowledge workers. Quite a challenge, we both agreed, and leaning toward hell when you need to manage knowledge workers against a deadline. This topic deserves more carefulRead… Read more »