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Oracle Analytics Means Smooth Sailing Toward Mission Goals

According to a recent GovLoop survey, analytics can improve the efficiency, productivity, and resource allocation of agencies. Additionally, we have seen countless ways analytics can improve transparency and drive better decision making for government agencies. But did you know analytics also propelled Team USA to one of the greatest comebacks in sport’s history during theRead… Read more »

Your Cybersecurity Cheat Sheet

Usually, the conversation about cybersecurity emphasizes avoiding cheats and short cuts. Cybersecurity is something that every employee must be thorough about. However, convincing your agency to adopt an innovative, effective, and user-friendly cybersecurity strategy should not be as complex as an analytics algorithm. That’s why GovLoop has broken down the essentials for you. Below you’llRead… Read more »

Making Government Accountable-Even During A Shutdown

Insights from Amy Bennett, Assistant Director for OpentheGovernment.Org Here at GovLoop we have created a knowledge network for government based on the experiences of an incredible community of government employees, consultants, and contractors. At Open The Government they seek to create another kind of knowledge network for government and constituents alike, based on transparency. “OneRead… Read more »

8 Ways To Mitigate Cybersecurity Risks

Achieving your agency’s mission with the newest technology is a necessary step to modernize services and to keep pace in the digital era. However, virtualization can make your agency more vulnerable if it is not paired with the right security measures. In GovLoop’s new Agency of the Future series guide, “Winning the Cybersecurity Battle,” featuresRead… Read more »

6 Lessons Learned to Excel With Social Media

“If you think government is behind in social media, head to the bar right now because you’ll need to drown your sorrows when you find out you’re wrong.” -Justin Herman, Federal Social Media program manager at GSA’s Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies The Social Media Club of DC opened their SocialGov event, sponsoredRead… Read more »

Giving a “Google Search” a Whole New Meaning

Typing “how-to” into Google’s search bar can give instant insights into “how to tie a tie,” “how to build a computer,” and “how to cook artichokes.” “Googling” provides easy solutions for those seemingly impossible everyday tasks However, a new partnership has taken the technology we use to tackle the ordinary to accomplish the extraordinary. GoogleRead… Read more »

India: The Next Big Data Haven

During the Green Revolution, American agricultural technology was exported to India to solve a food crisis. Fast-forward to today and India is now a powerful player in the technology sector, exporting its technology to the United States and other leading economies. One of these key technology exchanges between the United States and India is throughRead… Read more »

5 Reasons To Start Using Open Source Today

“At some point you reach a tipping point. You do not want to compete for budget dollars, you want to collaborate, that’s where open source comes in.” – Daniel Risacher, Associate Director, Enterprise Services and Integration, Office of the Chief Information Officer, Department of Defense. In the recent past, coming up with codes and sharingRead… Read more »

The 3 Essentials For Analytics

“My challenge for you is to think about how you could use analytics to accomplish the mission of your agency.”- Patrick Fiorenza, Senior Research Analyst, GovLoop Data analytics is transforming government and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of services, is your agency being left behind? GovLoop put together a panel of analytics experts at ourRead… Read more »

How Telework Could Be Saving You Billions

“I feel like I’ve been having the same conversation about telework since the Lincoln Administration.” –Chris Dorobek, Founder, Producer, Editor, GovLoop Insights and DorobekINSIDER. Let’s change the conversation on telework. While the workplace and technology are changing, we still seem to be discussing the same costs and benefits of telework. On the DorobekINSIDER Live broadcastRead… Read more »