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Smarter Cities: How to Transform Social Programs Through Data and Analytics (Recap)

“Analytics allows us to find and pinpoint the proverbial needle in the haystack,” Shelley Mills-Brinkley, Global Business Services Partner and Worldwide Integration Executive for Cúram Software. Through leveraging data and analytics, IBM has created Smarter Care, which connects government, social programs, life sciences, health plans and providers to provide the best care to each citizen.Read… Read more »

Fighting Fire with Firewall: How Cloud Computing and CRM Helped A Community Recover from Disaster

Even as the summer draws to a close, summer wildfires continue to rage throughout the United States. In Yosemite National Park, a 371 square mile fire has destroyed homes and wildlife. The fire is 80% contained, but a great deal of work still remains to rebuild and help those affected. The government has already spentRead… Read more »

Self Defense: How to Fight Off Cyber Attacks

To step up your cyber security strategy, join GovLoop and a great line-up of government thought leaders on Tuesday, September 10th for the 2nd annual Government Innovators Virtual Summit. The summit lasts from 11am to 4pm, and there will be a special session focused on cyber security from 1pm-2pm. RSVP and see the full scheduleRead… Read more »

City On a Hill: Turning the Dreams of the Past into the Reality of the Future

When America’s founding fathers created the framework for government, they wanted a system to inspire the world. They sought to make the United States “a city on a hill” that would inspire democracy, equality, and liberty. Achieving this dream has been an uphill battle. Yet, the resources we have today could make the climb easierRead… Read more »

The High-Tech Revolving Door

“The Revolving Door” usually refers to politicians and other lawmakers moving back and forth between Capitol Hill and the corporations that Capitol Hill works with and regulates. However, according to “The Pentagon as Silicon Valley’s Incubator” by Somini Sengupta in The New York Times, there might be an emerging revolving door when it comes toRead… Read more »