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Resolve to Upgrade Your Technology This Year [Infographic]

Looking back at the past decade, it is easy to see how technology improved our lives. We have transformed our agencies with mobile technology, data analytics, GIS mapping, and a whole host of innovations. But what happens when these technologies stop working for us and start working against us? How many hours have you wastedRead… Read more »

Old Faithful Goes Digital: Google’s Partnership with The U.S. National Park Service

When the government shut down in October 2013, employees were furloughed, websites were sent offline, and delivery of important government services was interrupted. These were all difficult consequences for our nation. Yet, the one effect of the shutdown that seemed to foster the most frustration was an unexpected one: the closing of our national parks.Read… Read more »

3 Open Source Myths Debunked

Open source has proven to be a secure, cost-effective and high quality software solution. So why are so many agencies reluctant to adopt an open source platform? It turns out that many of the obstacles to open source cited by technology personnel are based on myths. We spoke with Chris Mattmann, senior computer scientist atRead… Read more »

Moving On Up: 5 Tips On How To Survive (And Thrive) During an Office Move

Your boxes are packed; you’re ready to go, right? Unfortunately, moving office spaces is not as simple as packing up your favorite pen and timing a new commute. Even in the age of the cloud, telework and BYOD, transferring the operations of your agency into a new space can be a difficult process. Recently, GovLoopRead… Read more »

38% of Government Professionals Are Using Open Source: Are You?

In our recent GovLoop survey we found that 38% of government professionals are using open source software at their agencies at a basic level. What benefits has leveraging open source brought these agencies? And what’s standing in the way of agencies taking their open source strategy to the next level? We asked these questions andRead… Read more »

Google’s Got Your Six

We celebrated Veterans’ Day last week with parades and much-deserved thank you’s for our veterans. This outpouring of support, however, is often not reflected in the civilian workforce where veterans have trouble finding jobs. Google wants to change that. Google believes that the best way to celebrate our veterans is by bringing them into theRead… Read more »

Oracle’s Latest Move Is BIG

Following the procurement and acquisition cycles of leading companies can be a daunting process, yet it is often the best way to predict which technologies will become essential in the years to come. An important example of an acquisition with this kind of significance is Oracle’s recent purchase of Big Machines, a cloud-based platform. AtRead… Read more »

Public Cloud For The Public Sector

Within cloud computing, services can be offered privately by a service provider or publicly when applications and storage are available to the general public over the internet. Both models have their own advantages in cost and efficiency. Public clouds are often the most budget-conscious platform through their unique cost-sharing capabilities. The public cloud is justRead… Read more »

Closing the Tech Gap by Closing the Education Gap: Insights from The State Department

“To close the technology gap, we need everyone. We need girls whose cultures don’t value their education. We need talented people who live in poverty. We need everyone.” -Lila Ibrahim, President, Coursera I recently attended the [email protected]:EdTech event, a forum dedicated to leveraging education technology to aid U.S. diplomacy and development. There were many innovativeRead… Read more »