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Be Original

Nothing is free in life. If you copy someone else, or mimic an identity, words, or style, you won’t get a free ride, you’ll just look like a cheap rip off. Stop obsessing about what everyone else is doing, and find your own fire, burning in your own heart, and focus entirely on doing thatRead… Read more »

How Gov’t Agencies Can Build Audience and Increase Engagement

Happy Friday all! Here are 10 steps for Gov’t agencies to build audience: 1. Identify2. Logistics3. Define success4. Enlist5. Experts & Partners6. Community Strategy7. Content Strategy8. Launch9. Start doing10. Measure Here are 6 proven tips to increase engagement: 1. Connect2. Educate3. Empower4. Energize5. Enhance6. Enforce Want to learn more? Check out this presentation that detailsRead… Read more »

Top 5: Awesome Ways USDA Reworked Its New Website

9:30pm last night USDA launched their Department-wide website redesign. From the beginning, they set out to tackle quite the challenge: Here’s what they faced: Do completely in-house working with a limited budget/resources Design an easy to navigate homepage to get citizens to the right place, and on their way effectively and efficiently Coordinate with 29Read… Read more »

Top 5: Reasons Is Now the Hottest Open Gov Project

In 1998, was considered the best website in government. Other than a redesign in 2001, their website has largely remained unchanged…and quite possibly had become the worst website in government. Here’s a screen shot of how it has looked for much of the past decade: Yesterday, GovLoop received a sneak peek at the Beta.FCC.govRead… Read more »

TED Talks Are My Red Bull

Creativity is a weird phenomenon. You never quite know when it will appear and flood your thinking, and trying to coo it out into daylight is like trying to coo a scared cat out of from under the bed. But when it appears in full force, you feel like a million bucks. You jump onRead… Read more »

Teach Me How to Fish!

I love reading blogs. As in, more than normal. Ok, ok, probably to a freakish extent. I’ve been told in the past my Google reader is out of control. Whatever, I am not one to shy away from reading material. In the hundreds of blogs I’ve made my way through since blogging became mainstream, I’veRead… Read more »

Blunders Happen

Like anything, we often have the best intentions in our creative initiatives and miss the mark. Hence, the fail fast concept. Sometimes we get so excited to unveil a new idea or experiment, we have laser focus and don’t see the big picture. I’ve noticed a few of these blunders and faux pas lately, andRead… Read more »