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Is Education Worth It? (Round-up)

The topic of college education and its usefulness is a hot issue these days. After reading many opinions on this subject, here’s my take on the debate. It seems to me that where you stand on the issue is – I’m afraid – greatly biased on one simple factor: do you have a college degreeRead… Read more »

Wisdom – A Video by Andrew Zuckerman

Amazing presentation by Andrew Zuckerman touching on so many great points, rather than try to list them, I’ll just point you to this video to see for yourself. Andrew Zuckerman from 99% on Vimeo. What did you take away from this video? originally posted on RoguePolymath blog

Government and Business – Common Ground

We recently had a great post by Patrick Fiorenza on whether the government should be run like a business. It created lots of good discussion about the pros and cons of each viewpoint. The general consesus seemed to be that the nature of goverment services to not lend itself to business management completely, but thatRead… Read more »

Politicians Will Not Save Us

Our politicians will not save us from our problems. We shouldn’t expect them to either. There’s little incentive for them to do so. They are engaged in a zero-sum game. In game theory, this is described as a situation where one of the participant’s gains is equal to the opponent’s loss. For someone to win,Read… Read more »

Just Be Awesome

The world is full of people just getting by. You should aim a little higher than that. The people who depend on you at work, at play, and at home all have a certain expectation of how you will deliver. Exceed that expectation. That’s how you become awesome. There are more than enough pop idols,Read… Read more »

Business Advice From The Amish

From Rohit Bhargava on Amex Open: Several weeks ago on a trip back to the US from South Africa, I deliberately picked up a magazine about a topic I knew very little about. It is one of the common tricks I use to learn about different industries-and in this case, the magazine I ended upRead… Read more »

Failure Is Always An Option

The scenario is familiar: A crisis has occurred or is eminent. The leader assembles is team. He gives a rousing pep talk which includes this phrase: “Failure is not an option!” Failure is always an option. It’s the most likely option. Far more likely than success. Far easier to happen. If it wasn’t, a dramaticRead… Read more »

Feeling busy vs getting more done

 What’s more important – working to your full capacity or getting more done? Or put another way: is your boss more concerned with you looking busy or producing results. The TimeBack Management blog does a great job tackling this question with an analogy of a freeway. Oh, and remember – you can’t give 110%Read… Read more »