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What The Red Cross Learned From Dell In Setting Up New Social Media Monitoring Center

The debut yesterday of a new social media monitoring and command center at the American Red Cross provided an interesting glimpse into the current and prospective power at the disposal of organizations today to separate and discern meaning from amidst the noise of online chatter–and to be able respond in new and more proactive ways.Read… Read more »

Here’s Hoping More Federal Employees Join The 25,000+ Registered for Telework Week

It may not have the headline grabbing attention of the Occupy Movement, but the fact that more than 25,000 federal workers have pledged to participate in Telework Week March 5-9 has the makings of something more than usual publicity event. As my colleague Deanna Glick reports, this event is the latest in a series ofRead… Read more »

White House Perfects Its Reach To The YouTube Generation

The Obama Administration has arguably become one of the most adept administrations in history at harnessing new media technologies to take its case directly to the American public. How the White House takes advantage of new media can be seen in several White House videos posted on YouTube in the past week. The first isRead… Read more »

A Key Ingredient Behind Government Employee Satisfaction

Measuring leadership — and identifying federal agencies that breed effective leaders–has rarely been a simple undertaking. While the the Office of Personnel Management‘s 2011 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey captures a surprisingly comprehensive view on the state of leadership at various federal agencies, finding actionable measures of leadership at work remains an elusive science. That’s oneRead… Read more »

What OPM’s/OMB’s New Senior Executive Performance Appraisal System Says to All of Us – 5 Key Components

I got the chance to review the new performance appraisal system for the Senior Executive Service that was issued to agencies by OPM and OMB earlier today. The new system represents some notable steps forward, including: 1) A renewed alignment: Typically, the criteria senior executives are evaluated on changes once they’re on the job versusRead… Read more »

Ten Years After 9/11: Three Eyewitness Perspectives On DHS’s Creation

We were fortunate in getting Tom Ridge, John Gannon, and Roger Cressey to share their eyewitness observations about the founding of DHS, its performance to date, and the evolution of the terrorist threat that ignited the largest U.S. government reorganization in half a century–in a well-produced documentary at AOL Government . Ridge of courseRead… Read more »