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Keeping You Safe – Protecting You Against Bad Prescription Drugs

We depend on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to protect our health by providing information and regulation for drugs and medical devices. But sometimes when times get tough, the FDA needs to depend on someone as well. Marcia Crosse, Director at the Government Accountability Office (GAO) for the Health Care team, is that pillar.Read… Read more »

The Emergency Communications Catalyst: Social Media Meets Amateur Radio

I recently wrote on the coming of age of the “Digital Public Information Officer (PIO)” and how social media, digital volunteers, and organization is key. (Find the original posting here: Considerations for the Digital Public Information Officer) This sparked a lot of great conversation across the Social Media in Emergency Management (SMEM) community and aRead… Read more »

Red Cross Hurricane App

Here in the U.S. we’re in the middle of Hurricane Season — it ends Nov. 30, 2012 this year. The season’s been off to a bit of a slow start over the Atlantic but, as we on the East Coast know too well, it’s typically the later months of summer that bring the most devastatingRead… Read more »

What The Red Cross Learned From Dell In Setting Up New Social Media Monitoring Center

The debut yesterday of a new social media monitoring and command center at the American Red Cross provided an interesting glimpse into the current and prospective power at the disposal of organizations today to separate and discern meaning from amidst the noise of online chatter–and to be able respond in new and more proactive ways.Read… Read more »

Government Doing More with Less

As the City of Houston’s 2011 fiscal year winds down, hard decisions have been made to overcome a $70 million shortfall. Enacting mandatory furloughs and lay-offs, reducing library hours and closing some neighborhood pools are just a few of the methods the city administration has chosen to use to balance this year’s budget. With suchRead… Read more »

March Get Redy and Red Cross Month

Feds hit social media geeting people ready! Get ready. Ready for what? Ready for almost anything. Sound impossible? Ready for everything is. Being prepared in general makes one more prepared. That is why Ready.Gov is using Twitter, YouTube, web sites, emails – even Facebook are being used to move people. Did I mention this isRead… Read more »