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E-Procurement: 3 Reasons Your Paper-Based Procurement Can’t Compete

Whether due to natural disasters, government regulations or economic pressures, sourcing has become a hotter topic than ever. Retail and restaurants, in particular, are under pressure to source intelligently while minimizing unnecessary costs, something that can be tough to do without adhering to modern best practices and using currently available technology, such as purchasing software.Read… Read more »

Work Order Management Streamlines Daily Operations for Companies

In business, it’s important to keep facilities running smoothly and efficiently so that daily operations don’t detract from the company’s core purpose. While the primary objective of most corporations is to generate revenue while serving their customers to the best of their ability, daily nuisances such as broken equipment, manual business processes, upgrades, replacements andRead… Read more »

Deployment Options: On-Premise versus SaaS

Yet another unique and valuable aspect of Jetstream is the choice between a SaaS (Software as a Service) or on-premise deployment. We believe giving organizations this choice adds to the overall flexibility of our solutions and contributes to Apptricity’s ability to provide software that is adaptive to the organization’s processes and infrastructure. For an expertRead… Read more »

Empowering Supply Chain and Financial Processes

Another unique element of Jetstream is the fact that we allow you to automate both supply chain and financial processes. Many of the vendors we find ourselves in competition with only offer one or the other. Here are a few reasons why we think that’s a benefit worth mentioning: Powerful automation applications across the boardRead… Read more »

Automating Buying: From E-procurement to Asset Management and Beyond

You know the old saying about the left hand needing to know what the right hand is doing? It also applies to your organization’s automated buying processes. In order to realize the full benefits of your investment, it’s vital that all pieces of your system are well integrated, including a broad suite of e-procurement andRead… Read more »

“Above the Cloud” – A Message from CEO Tim Garcia

What Makes Jetstream Unique When I founded Apptricity, it was with one major guiding premise, “the business should run the software, not the other way around.” We continue in this way for all our development and all the solutions that we create. This month, I am focusing on the idea behind our Jetstream platform, particularlyRead… Read more »

Police Increasingly Use GPS for Asset Management of a Different Kind

We tend to write about fixed asset tracking on this blog in terms of supply chain management, but law enforcement around the world have started employing GPS tracking in entirely different way – to catch bad guys. And this form of aggressive asset management is sure to make the world a more dangerous place toRead… Read more »

Contract Management: GSA Finds Efforts to Streamline Operations Are Improving Agencies

Over the last few years, the GSA has made plenty of headlines, whether due to lavish, over-the-top conference expenses, poor contract management, or attempts at regaining control and visibility through cloud-based services, but this time the news is more positive. GSA administrator Dan Tangherlini has announced that a “top to bottom” review of agencies willRead… Read more »

Universities Save and Streamline by Automating Spend Management and Other Services

It’s not exactly news that universities are feeling the budget crunch, but what has been making headlines in recent years is the creative ways they’ve been consolidating services and administrative tasks. Whether through shared services spanning campuses or university systems, or deployment of solutions to handle invoice management, spend management, or e-procurement, higher education appearsRead… Read more »

Potential Loss of T&E Deductions Could Create Expense Management Headache

Tax season is hardly anyone’s favorite time of year, but corporations are being cautioned that it could soon be an even bigger source of frustration. This month, the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) issued a letter warning that generally accepted business deductions, such as travel & entertainment spending, are possibly at risk as Congress worksRead… Read more »