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Emergency Managers: Time to Think In Terms of Supply Chain Management

Hurricane Sandy. The Alabama tornados. Japan’s tsunami. On and on, natural disasters seem to come at a greater clip than ever, and some besieged emergency managers are shifting from reactive to proactive by re-envisioning disaster recovery as supply chain management. Charlotte Franklin, deputy coordinator of emergency management for Arlington County, Va., wrote recently on theRead… Read more »

Misplaced or Stolen? Asset Management Blunder Causes Police to Lose Track of Equipment

Riot gear goes missing from a large city police department and a team of detectives is put on the case to track down both the missing equipment and the culprit. Sounds like the start of a movie plot, right? It wasn’t quite so entertaining when it happened to police officers in Victoria, British Columbia, whoRead… Read more »

Federal Government Transitioning to e-Procurement

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has reported via Federal News Radio that seven agencies have made extensive progress in implementing the “cloud first” initiative required by the Office of Management and Budget. The seven agencies being lauded for their transition to cloud computing include Agriculture, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security and the Treasury Department.Read… Read more »

Transportation Management: New Bill Targets Safety and Efficiency

America’s critical infrastructure – its bridges, highway systems and roads, in particular – has become a more frequent topic of concern for transportation management professionals, especially as the economic downturn has seen fewer funds diverted to upkeep, repair and expansion. Last week, however, Congress took steps to make safety and efficiency improvements that will certainlyRead… Read more »

Securing SaaS: U.S. Government Weighs In On Security Controls

Taking the plunge into the cloud is generally a good idea for companies that are coming out of 20th century hibernation, where paper-based processes were the norm. Now, better alternatives exist, but the transition from older methods to new cloud-based services takes careful planning, something that can be made far easier if you’re working withRead… Read more »

Business Travel Expected to Surge Over Next 12 Months

Your corporate travel agency can expect to be busier over the next year, if it follows the trend reported last week by Executive Travel Magazine. A survey conducted by American Airlines reveals that businesses are feeling much more optimistic about travel booking for those face-to-face business meetings, helping to drive an increase in bookings forRead… Read more »