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Digital diplomacy in Paris – workshop and panel

Last week the embassy of Israel in Paris, France, hosted an international workshop on the digital diplomacy. It was first such experience for us in the Israeli embassy, but what I learnt from our guests during the workshop was that it was also the case for many of them. While diplomats discuss this topic withRead… Read more »

Web 2.0 is a “fait accompli” in France. But what about the French version of Gov 2.0?

“France succumbed to Twitter” – this is today’s headline in one of the most popular French newspaper “Le Parisien”. Two million French are using Twitter as of today. This number is nothing compared to the true success of Facebook on the French soil. Half (!) of the population in France are using the biggest socialRead… Read more »

“Strike 2.0” in Israel Foreign Service: another opportunity to upgrade Open Government?

One month ago we have experienced in Israel something very unusual – the strike of the Israel Diplomatic service. Diplomats rarely go to strike, as diplomacy is considered an important element of the national security. But this time diplomats protested against the deterioration of their working conditions in the last 15 years, and there wasRead… Read more »

How to work with the traditional media using the tools of social media?

Next month I will start my new diplomatic appointment – media advisor and spokesperson of the Israeli embassy to France. It’s the second time I will work as a spokesperson for the embassy. 10 years ago I did the same job in Moscow. Looks like the same job? Of course, Moscow is not Paris, RussiaRead… Read more »

Social media for diplomats – practical guide 2.0

About a year ago I wrote a post explaining basic guidelines on using social media by diplomats (here: year later, I would like to update some things and add others. After all, there is nothing like experience…I will comment about three major tools: Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Here are the topics discussed: So whyRead… Read more »

Government social networks – comparative analysis

In the last two years we’ve seen an uprecedented growth of Gov2.0. One of the most vivid expressions of the collaboration and sharing by governments through the tools of Web 2.0 were social networks of government employees and communities. I am talking about special type of government network that are open for all Internet-users, andRead… Read more »