Day 1 Recap and Off to Day 2 at CityCamp

Great day at CityCamp…over 100 campers of all types talking interesting topics from data to journalism to visualization to cultural changes in government. After a thrilling day, a great dinner was held…personally I met fascinating people from Seattle to DC…from non-profits, for-profits, gov’t agencies…large and small…. See this great video… I’m excited for day 2Read… Read more »

Local Gov Session at #citycamp – Best Practices/Success Stories

Room for sharing and working together Place to share ideas and move beyond ideas Edmonton – several thousands followers -not just retweet news -actually answer people back City of Tacoma – answer peole back Twitter- Austin – only allow followers…not responses…part of policy -Comm actually tweets…but from department to comm… -Comm team – YouTube andRead… Read more »

Interview – SF CIO and Tim O’Reilly

Empowering citizens to get stuff done Exec orders – require agencies to get out there. require dep’t heads to do it. 50 peers in big meeting. mayor can call them out. Need someone who gets it. Find pockets of innovation…in city government…and nurture those….so valuable in govt. build and support them. Grassroots army….build andRead… Read more »

Recap from CityCamp Ignite Sessions

Completing the 5 Ignite Session Jen from Code for America – kicked us off…how do we get people to connect, collaborate, vote…Code for America – cool hackers, cool cities…better cities. Teach for America for you New Orleans Data – awesome story of how worked with local govs to get data out around Katrina working withRead… Read more »

Interesting Mix of People at CityCamp

So today is the start of CityCamp…. There has been a really cool introductions going on via the citycamp listserv and it looks like a fascinating bunch of people. A couple quick thoughts: CityCamp seems to bring slightly different people than the Gov 2.0 Camps and conferences I’ve been to. For example: -More journalist-related, hyperlocalRead… Read more »

I’m Live at CityCamp – You?

I’ll be blogging and taking some videos from the great sessions at CityCamp this weekend in Chicago. Had a great happy hour kick-off today talking to lots of really cool smart people including Kevin from Socrata. If you are here, would love to hear your blog posts, thoughts, and more. For those not here, checkRead… Read more »

Movie stars! Open Gov the Movie

“Open Gov the Movie” – from Delib from Delib on Vimeo. Pretty cool documentary by my buddy Chris Q of Delib – Here’s what he says below.. Check it out here: We’re launching the documentary today – on the year anniversary of President Obama issuing the Open Government memorandum, giving an insight into theRead… Read more »

“Thank You for Your Service”

Over the past year or so, I have made it a habit to say a simple phrase to every TSA Security Officer that checks my identification and boarding pass: “Thank you for your service.” Some of them seem surprised, or maybe even a bit confused. Others just say “Thank YOU!” in return. I’m sure theirRead… Read more »

Pay for Performance Could Work?

Pretty interesting article on pay-for-performance. What is your take? How important is pay-for-performance? Part of my hypothesis is that “private sector” does not have a perfect pay system themself. Outside of certain roles like sales, lots of jobs have hard time measuring concrete performance and negotiations is truly what makes higher salaries (not performance). OutgoingRead… Read more »