Why We Smile

I try to smile a lot. I didn’t used to. In college, I was that philosophy guy who was really serious and deep and looked depressed. I thought it was cool and mysterious and everyone would be attracted to the cool, mysterious guy (especially women). It wasn’t that successful. I think that’s because people wantRead… Read more »

RFK and U2 on MLK

Robert F. Kennedy’s eloquent statement on the night of Rev. Dr. King’s assassination: Just two months later, he was gunned down during a celebration following his victory in the California primary, June 5, 1968. Full Text found here. One of my favorite U2 songs combined with a nice MLK montage: Favorite

Sometimes I Hate the Word Blog

Sometimes I Hate the Word Blog Sometimes I hate the word blog. It just doesn’t have a great ring to it. It doesn’t feel classy. It feels demeaning. It feels little. It doesn’t feel awesome. We need a cooler name for it – that’s more awesome. Ideations. Summations. Fibstations. Gibraity. Favorite

Project of the Week: Census 2010

in several ways over the next couple months to help them more effectively spread the word about the 2010 Census. One of the first things we did in that partnership was to create a new group called “US Census Communication Partners” to facilitate dialogue about best practices in reaching the public. The group will beRead… Read more »

Quick Tip – Sneak a Peak at a Current Fed’s Salary

From thegovgurus.com: Quick Tip – Sneak a Peak at a Current Fed’s Salary You can look up the salary of any employee of a federal agency on the “Gannett Searchable Database” of federal employee salaries at http://php.app.com/fed_employees/search.php. (Note that salaries cited at this site are usually one or two years behind – and so doRead… Read more »

Thoughts on Gov 2.0 and Israel

So just got an opportunity to tell “The GovLoop Story” to Israel government officials who are looking how to use social media and social networking in their own country. Actually, Israel has created its own community based on the GovLoop concept and I felt honored by saying GovLoop was an inspiration. After my talk, IRead… Read more »

Sweden’s Vision of eGovernment

I haven’t had a chance to read this document yet, but wanted to share it with you. Looks like it was published November 2009, but I just saw it float across the #Gov20 hashtag. If you review it, I’m sure GovLoop’ers would be eager to get your thoughts. Sweden eGovernment of Tomorrow Favorite

Does Having a Kid Make You More Efficient?

Does Having a Kid Make You More Efficient? I firmly believe that constraints are good. I hate having a million choices. If you give me unlimited freedome, I get baffled. Unlimited time – I’ll procrastinate. A number of people have told me that having a child has made them a much better, efficient employee. ChildrenRead… Read more »

US DOT and Second Life: “Transportation Nation” Island

My government 2.0 worlds just collided this morning. I participated in the Transportation Research Board’s Annual Meeting yesterday and am now at the Open Government Directive Workshop Series. One of the presenters at the OGD event was Adam Schlicht of DOT, who highlighted DOT’s Second Life island called “Transportation Nation.” I found one of hisRead… Read more »

Announcing CityCamp Challenge Winners! Over 3,000 Votes!

GovLoop and Code for America are pleased to announce the winner of the CityCamp Challenge! And the Top 4 vote-getters are: * City Sourced (1,146 votes) – Muni Rep – Being finalized * SeeClickFix (1,061 votes) – Muni Rep – Rob Smuts, New Haven, Connecticut * GraffitiTracker (359 votes) – Muni Rep – John Ewing,Read… Read more »