Big Data

Everything You Need to Know to Build a Successful Analytics Program You Learned in Kindergarten

For several years, the Partnership for Public Service and the IBM Center for The Business of Government have partnered to have Conversations on Big Data, a series of discussions designed to broaden the perspective about quantitative analytics and share lessons learned about what worked well and what did not. As I was reviewing the transcriptsRead… Read more »

Introducing the Big Data Playbook for Government

To learn more about how your agency can excel with big data, be sure to check out our guide: The Big Data Playbook for Government.  On August 31, 1854, the London district of Soho was struck with a cholera outbreak, and by September 10, the neighborhood had reported over 500 deaths. Curious as to howRead… Read more »

GIS-based Real Property Management for Government

Recently, GovLoop, Esri, and PenBay Solutions hosted an online training titled, “Facilities are Mission Critical: GIS-based Real Property Management for Government”, to illustrate how facility managers can utilize GIS to improve building and real property management. The speakers for the online training included: Bill Barron, Chief Executive Officer of PenBay Soltutions Benton Yetman, Director/Strategic Technology atRead… Read more »

Replicating Speech With Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is helping to create software that allows improved interactions between computers and understanding human language. In short, it’s reshaping human-to-machine communications by powering speech to text services and apps like Siri, Google Talk and Cortana. To help understand the remarkable advancements of NLP and the related challenges to developing the technology,Read… Read more »

A Brief History of the Joint Information Environment

The Joint Information Environment (JIE) is an unbelievably ambitious yet necessary DoD initiative. Earlier, we shared a few statistics about the size and scale of the department’s IT shop, but here’s some additional context: DoD hosts more than 6,000 locations, supports 40 agencies and manages about 3.7 million people with cyber identity credentials. If those statisticsRead… Read more »

Playing Capture the Flag in the Digital Age

Sony was recently subject to one of the biggest hacks in history. The breach has led to the release of over 40,000 nonemployees’ Social Security numbers. This includes former employees and actors, dating as far back as 1984. This was in addition to the 6,500 current identities lost — and the hackers obtained several unreleasedRead… Read more »