Big Data

GovLoop Training: Information Governance Strategies in the Era of Big Data

All words ever spoken by human beings = 5 Exabytes of data. 1000 Exabytes = 1 Zetabyte. Current world data = 7.9 Zetabytes. Ponder that for a second. Data on such a vast scale is hard to fathom. Especially as it growing exponentially, estimated to reach a dumbfounding 40 Zetabytes by 2022. A much simplerRead… Read more »

Drawing on Your Data

Complex problems require new thinking, and sometimes that means stripping the question down to simple components. The New York Times detailed how Apple uses a series of Picasso’s lithographs to teach this concept. The artist moved from a full sketch to a minimal outline through the course of 11 prints. A spare collection of linesRead… Read more »

Big Data Analytics for Effective Financial Market Oversight: 3 Essential Ingredients

Over the past few months, I have co-hosted Conversations on Big Data, a series of discussions about using analytics in creative and interesting ways. Today’s Conversation is with Lori Walsh, the Chief of the Center for Risk and Quantitative Analytics (the Center) for the Securities Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Division of Enforcement. The SEC has severalRead… Read more »

Applying Analytics to Continuous Process Improvement

Conversations on Big Data is a series of discussions with executive-level leaders about using big data analytics in creative and interesting ways to improve business outcomes. Today’s Conversation is with Gerald Ray, the Deputy Executive Director of the Office of Appellate Operations (Appellate Ops) at the Social Security Administration (SSA). Appellate Ops manages cases whereRead… Read more »

Cloud and Big Data Trends

There is a greater emphasis on building open solutions for the cloud and in the federal government a greater push towards the Gov Clouds. These isolated clouds provide secure capabilities for workloads and are intended to meet compliance requirements. There is a greater comfort level in moving towards cloud solutions as security concerns have beenRead… Read more »

Humanity in Human Data

“Treat human data with humanity.” This was the plea from Jer Thorp, data artist and keynote speaker at GovLoop’s 4th Annual Government Communications Summit, gave to the audience. That’s a relatively simple request, right? Turns out, not really. It’s pretty easy to get lost in the data, and forget the people that are using it,Read… Read more »

The Data Goldmine for Federal Government

“You are clearly not intimated by ‘big’ if you work for the federal government.” That’s how Scott Burns, CEO and founder of GovDelivery, kicked off his keynote at GovDelivery’s 8th Annual Federal Communications Summit on Tuesday. Burns pointed out that people had always told him not to take on federal clients — they were tooRead… Read more »

Stick to the Ohh/Aah Principle

Jer Thorp is a data artist. He literally breathes life into data, by creating interactive visualizations of immense data sets. At today’s GovDelivery 8th Annual Federal Federal Communications Summit, he introduced what he calls the Ohh/Aah Principle. This idea guides how he presents data and, after today, it should guide the way your present dataRead… Read more »