AUVSI 2009 Interviews and recap if interested

By: Ted Kelly-Ventresca The World’s Largest Collection of Robots and Other Unmanned Systems Hardware at Washington Convention Center, 10-13 August 2009 was an overwhelming success. The AUVSI (www.auvsi.org)allowed me unprecedented access to talk to the creative minds and companies responsible for the Information Technology that drives the future of battlefield, battle space and homeland securityRead… Read more »

Government 2.0 Taskforce Roadshow – Encouragingly Refreshing

I attended the first Government 2.0 Tasforce Roadshow held yesterday in Canberra at the Australian Bureau of Statistics in Belconnen. Whilst the agenda was published on the Taskforce web site I really did not know what to expect on the day. Given the format the event took it would have been more useful to bothRead… Read more »

Member of Week: Lovisa Williams, Department of State

LOVISA WILLIAMS: GOVLOOP MEMBER OF THE WEEK (and general rockstar) By Andy Krzmarzick Few people in the Government 2.0 space are focusing on the international aspects of social media, such as what we can learn from other countries that are implementing and how it can be used to bridge geographical and cultural divides. Enter LovisaRead… Read more »


I think microblogging inside organizations can be a transformative, disruptive technology to enable faster, more succinct communications. Anyone using microblogging inside their firewall? How is it helping or hindering work, results, and decision making? Do you think microblogging is useful for collaboration, instant messaging, status sharing, and situational awareness? Do you know of any successRead… Read more »

Bureaucracy 2.0 – make sure your team is ready to stand and deliver

I have long subscribed to the belief that our initiatives in the online communication world will eventually change the way the government functions. From our internal capacity to support a robust online environment to providing public servants with the general understanding and toolkit of web tools that can make them more effective, more than anyRead… Read more »

Agencies Pay More Student Loans

Federal agencies increased their spending on student loan repayments for employees by 22 percent in 2008, and the incentives were widely used for recruiting and retaining information technology workers, according to a new report by the Office of Personnel Management. The report, released on Wednesday, found that 35 federal agencies provided 6,789 employees with $51.6Read… Read more »

“Leadership in a Connected World”

Good article on leadership in promoting the use of new tools for new problems, and managing the “space”: http://tinyurl.com/kjfsvz “…in connected environments such as networks, the function of leadership is anything but traditional. The network to which I am connected—Lawrence Community Works (LCW)—is a case in point.”

“Cutting Edge” Strategies for Reorganizing or Downsizing: The “Stress Doc’s” Top Ten Tips for Tip-Top Management

[Cautionary Note: This article may be hazardous to the ironically-impaired.] In this era of organizational restructuring or downsizing, or better still, right-sizing, or most on target, what I call “fright-sizing,” the challenge for top management is having the savvy and guts to gut much of your workforce while still maintaining survivor productivity and team moraleRead… Read more »