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Open letter to Mr Stephen Sedgwick AO, Australian Public Service Commissioner

Dear Commissioner The purpose of this open letter is to articulate a number of issues relating to the apparent thinking of the Australian Public Service Commission and, indeed, the way the Commission goes about its work. In particular, it is a matter of concern that the Commission’s stance perpetuates a repressive corporate management culture. Self-limitingRead… Read more »

Alert : Outbreak of Organisational Development Disorder

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on Govloop. Been hugely busy. It’s good to be back. My good colleagues Bec Gallen and Michelle Nutting and I were exploring the following questions a couple of weeks ago: How could we encourage discussion of the palpable resistance to social media within public service agencies? This discussionRead… Read more »

Could Enterprise 2.0 Have Prevented Apollo 13?

“Houston, we have a problem…” While many now consider the determination and ingenuity displayed during the rescue of the Apollo 13 astronauts to be one of NASA’s finest hours, could it have been prevented altogether if NASA had had the benefits of the type of robust internal social network made possible by today’s technology? TheRead… Read more »

Calling Senior Leaders in Government to Action

A global transformation is happening and it has all to do with social media. Coined by Erik Qualman’s Socialnomics it represents “the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution.” But has this shift shaken the bowels of government? Are senior leaders buying into the social media phenomenon? The truth: senior leaders are often resistant to alteringRead… Read more »

Netflix Movie Recommendations: Secret to the Value of Social Networking?

Netflix is a subscription based DVD rental service that lets its customers browse thousands of movies online and then delivers them though the mail system. With so many movie choices available and to be competitive with brick and mortar rental establishments, Netflix has improved its customer satisfaction though numerous user interface improvements, movie distribution centers,Read… Read more »

Fighting Internet-based Capabilities: Irresponsible and Ineffective

It’s the latest buzz, the Department of Defense (DoD) announcement that it had finally issued policy on Internet Based Capabilities early afternoon on February 26, 2010. I’m excited to see it finally arrive, but in some sense it’s a surprise left cold and waiting like a ragged banana peel discarded last fall and finally uncoveredRead… Read more »

But we’re Facebook Friends, don’t You Trust Me?

I found this great little article though a Linkedin group I belong to on the decline of trust across news and information sources, including social media. Right off the bat as I read, “The Social Impact of Friendships and Lies” I thought to myself: is trust in social media breaking down, or are we gettingRead… Read more »

But where does DoD fit in? Review of Burton Report: Gotta, Mike. “Field Research: Actions to Take On Enterprise Social Networking”

With the DoD lagging behind in the adoption of social media in general, to include social networking, it is not an area ripe for research. Yet, with growing interest and a handful of innovative projects picking up steam, we have a need to apply what has been done on the commercial sector without much understandingRead… Read more »