Mobile is Changing the Nature of Public Service

Dr. David Bray, Chief Information Officer of the FCC, speaking to Wednesday’s crowd. Mobile technology is filled with potential. It has the capacity to radically increase organizational response time, interconnectedness, and access to information. But there’s a flip side: it also has the capability to severely undermine privacy and security measures. The impulse, then, mayRead… Read more »

Your BYOD Framework – A NASA Case Study

Our recent GovLoop report on mobility focused on the importance of centrally managing devices and the impact of mobile in government. That’s why I was excited to sit in on a BYOD session at FOSE, one of the premiere events to educate government employees and share best practices on government IT. John Sprague, Enterprise ApplicationsRead… Read more »

Pro-Tip: Secure Not Just the Device, But the Data Too

Our recent mobile report explored many factors shaping the future of government mobility. But one aspect we didn’t touch on in the report was the concept of geo-fencing. Simply put, geo-fencing technology provides agencies with the ability to control mobile use in a defined location. During an interview with Joe Marenin, US EliteBook Product ManagerRead… Read more »

It’s Time to Go Mobile: Here’s How

GovLoop’s latest guide on mobile security serves as a resource to help agencies understand how to safely and securely adopt mobile in government. Our report includes a handful of best practices, government case studies and a mobile security cheat sheet to help educate and empower the government community. We interviewed Wilbur Smith, ‎Systems Engineer atRead… Read more »

BYOD Moves Ahead in Government – Can You Catch Up?

Bring your own device (BYOD) is changing the technology landscape in government. With a flood of consumer devices entering the workplace, the public sector is looking at ways to use the BYOD concept to improve communications strategies, cut costs, increase employee productivity, and transform collaboration across government agencies. And it’s working. The BYOD program atRead… Read more »

4 Reasons to Attend Our Mobile Security Event

Smartphones. Tablets. BYOD. Oh my! Now, you have access to your data at all times, 24/7. You’re no longer disconnected when you leave your office. It’s obvious to anybody how far our society has come with mobile technology and the unique opportunity it presents to transform the way government operates. But in order to capitalizeRead… Read more »

5 Practical Tips for Managing Your Mobile Device

You have a mobile device in the palm of your hand — great! But do you know how to use it effectively and safely? Probably not. It’s bad enough when you leave your personal device vulnerable, but when improper use of a mobile device leads to an enterprise vulnerability, you’re in big trouble. Think WikiLeaksRead… Read more »

Telework Resistance may be Linked to “Clerical Culture”

In a recent post titled, Ready for the Remote Work Revolution?, author David Grinberg provides a compelling argument for the future of telework. David’s comments are clear…telework is here to stay! I agree with David whole-heartedly. In fact, I envision a day when the term telework will be a word of the past; much inRead… Read more »