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Community Building: No Agency is an Island, or a Planet!

No agency is an island, or a planet for that matter, so let’s talk about what best practices we can learn from others who are building communities and making it happen!


Ever want to be a fly on the wall? How about a fly on the wall in a NASA space lab as they build a space shuttle headed for Mars? Yup, now possible. NASA is literally bringing the universe to you with their Curiosity Cam.

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California started streaming live video of the building of Curiosity, the next-generation Mars
rover. Holy Red Planet! What will social media savvy NASA think of next?

(photo from NASA’s Curiosity Facebook page

You literally get to see into the clean room through streaming video and interact with others watching as well. They also have a Facebook and Twitter page set up to foster interest and a fully interactive site with video clips, live chat with Dr. C (a Mars expert), and areas for educators, students, kids, etc.

Additionally, as if NASA wasn’t doing enough to garner interest in science, space (hello aliens, past life, etc), they are running utterly fantastic, role-model Tweet-Ups to meet others interested, and, what the heck, try on a space suit.

(photo @tivogirl)

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