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Reaching New Heights and Revealing the Unknown: Interview with Charlie Bolden, NASA Administrator

“Our vision essentially says we reach for new heights to reveal the unknown so that what we do and learn makes life better for humanity,” notes, NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden. He joined me on The Business of Government Hour to explain this vision and more. We stand at a pivotal moment in space exploration. ThereRead… Read more »

Curiosity is sexy

Don’t have sex with anybody who isn’t turned on by knowledge or the very many ways to get it. Make this your creed. Put it on a T-shirt. And then don’t take that T-shirt off for anyone who violates your very impressive, lovely standards. What a glorious notion! Original post

Community Building: No Agency is an Island, or a Planet!

No agency is an island, or a planet for that matter, so let’s talk about what best practices we can learn from others who are building communities and making it happen! ———————————————— Ever want to be a fly on the wall? How about a fly on the wall in a NASA space lab as theyRead… Read more »