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Business Enters 3rd Phase of Social Marketing; Public Sector Generally Stuck at 1st and 2nd Phase

The Third Phase Of Social Marketing Is Upon Us: 5 Steps To Get Ahead BY BRANDON EVANS Brandon Evans is the CEO and founder of Crowdtap, writes about the Third Phase of Social Marketing in the November 19, 2012 issue of Fast Company magazine. It’s not about listening to customers, or even communicating with them.Read… Read more »

Community Building: No Agency is an Island, or a Planet!

No agency is an island, or a planet for that matter, so let’s talk about what best practices we can learn from others who are building communities and making it happen! ———————————————— Ever want to be a fly on the wall? How about a fly on the wall in a NASA space lab as theyRead… Read more »

Community Building: The Value of Being Real

For the last 10+ years, marketers have started to realize that interacting with consumers is not a one-way street. Refusing to operate with this mindset fully embraced will most likely leave you out in the cold. Consumers don’t want to be talked at, with the only opportunity for feedback a suggestions box glued to theRead… Read more »

Community Building: Why the Why is Vital

Yesterday, I stumbled across @nickcharney‘s post Lessons in Collaboration on GovLoop. He brings to life a construct developed by Simon Sinek on the topic of how great leaders inspire action. How do great leaders inspire action? It all starts with the why, as in Sinek’s “golden circle” above. The average person, as Nick points out,Read… Read more »

Community Building: Your Initial Stakeholders

Let’s say you are planning an important celebration…perhaps your 30th birthday party. The event is meaningful, and something you want to be a success. You have the choice of inviting everyone you know – all of your 800 friends on Facebook, or your closest friends who you think will be most likely to come, andRead… Read more »

Community Building: Why It’s the Perfect Time to Get Engaged

When I first moved to Washington DC four years ago, I only knew a handful of people, 2-3 at best. After a series of Friday nights staying in and doing my laundry, I decided I needed to make some friends. So, I hopped on it. Since running is a long-time passion, and something you canRead… Read more »

Community Building Quiz

We can all probably agree GovLoop is a pretty rocking community. Less than 3 years old (merely a toddler, really), nearing 36,000 members, and serving superstars from singapore to seattle. To share the love and get your stellar feedback, we’re starting a blog on Community Building. Each week, we’ll deliver a helpful tip, article, andRead… Read more »