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Blog Series: So You Hired a Gen Y – Now Get The Most Out of Them! Phase 3 – Target.

Blog Series: So You Hired a Gen Y – Now Get The Most Out of

Phase 3 – Target

A Tolero Solutions
blog series on how to utilize Gen Y using the Gen Y Recruitment and
Retention Lifecycle™ by Scott Span!

a previous post So You Hired a Gen Y – Now Get The Most Out of Them Through My Gen Y
Recruitment and Retention Lifecycle™!
I provided a high level overview of my Gen Y Recruitment and Retention Lifecycle ™ model designed to help recruit, engage, and retain Gen Y. The article and associated webinar / workshop have generated positive feedback, and much discussion; due to the high demand, I’m writing a 6
part series
that details possible strategies to get the most of your Gen Y employees.

Phase 3 of the Gen Y
Recruitment and Retention Lifecycle ™


Phase 1 of the Gen Y Recruitment and Retention Lifecycle ™ I discussed the importance of communication; and in Phase 2 the importance in assessing the new Gen Y employees understanding of what they heard, and how they are going to apply that information. Phase 3, Target, focuses on targeting the best possible project and role for the new employee so they feel most productive and engaged.

to Phase 2, Assess, once you have identified the employee’s skills and interests, it is imperative for engagement and productivity to Target a project and role that allows them to utilize their skills and interests while still providing challenge and opportunity for growth.

targeting the new employee’s assignment, consider one that is congruent with the position they were hired to fill. If the employee was hired with specific expectations regarding role and deliverables, then those are what they expect to be doing – with some level of acceptable variation. It is highly likely they accepted the position based on the fact that was communicated to them was also something they feel qualified to do and in fact have an interest in doing. For example, if the employee interviewed for a marketing position with a focus on email marketing, then assign them to projects with deliverables in this area, not projects with deliverables that are more database marketing oriented or even in sales or account management. This contributes to congruence in the actual work they will be performing and what was promised.

of the biggest frustrations and triggers of disengagement is incongruence in this regard, not properly targeting the tasks with the role they were hired to perform. If the project and role are not targeted correctly to allow for full utilization of the skills they have, and offering opportunity to acquire skills they may not have (particularly those that are required for success), then the new employee may feel they were provided empty promises and thus become frustrated, hurting productivity and engagement. Targeting a role or project that makes them feel useful and gives them comfort from the onset, while also offering opportunity to increase competencies in core areas to which they may be weak (as determined by assess phase), is key to motivation and retention.

Utilize feedback to listen to what
the new employee tells you regarding their thoughts, feelings, and ideas on the project and role targeted and assigned to them. Check in often in the first several months. To keep productivity, engagement, and retention high, be open to making potential changes to their role and responsibilities as a result.

  • Do they feel the work they are performing is what was promised and utilizing their skill set?
  • Are they enjoying their work?
  • Do they feel prepared and comfortable to deliver results?
  • Does opportunity for challenge and growth exist?

Gen Y is much attuned to differences in “say vs. do”. If you mis-target the best project/role fit for the employee to feel utilized, competent, and challenged, then they may feel unprepared, overwhelmed and potentially unsuccessful in meeting the demands of the organization. This is why it is also necessary (as will be discussed in future phases) to have the proper feedback mechanisms in place that allow the employee to express thoughts, feelings, and frustrations. No one wants to feel this way!

We all want to feel utilized, challenged, prepared and set for success – both in work and in life.

Following the Gen Y
Recruitment and Retention Lifecycle ™ can help you to get the most out of your new Gen Y employees. Additional steps and action items are developed at each stage, customized to your specific type of business and organizational culture. Customized workshops have also been developed around this approach. If you are Interested in additional strategies and learning more about how to implement positive Gen Y recruitment, engagement, and retention strategies please contact us or at [email protected]

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I love this quote

We all want to feel utilized, challenged, prepared and set for success – both in work and in life.

I would add a caveat to – which is…we are ok if are underutilized, underchallenged, or underprepeared for a period of time…if it is documented and known. Do this for 6 months an then X (training, detail, new project, new team)…But when it is undiscussed that is problematic