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Changes That Help Women Business Owners Grow Through Government Contracting

Businesses have the opportunity to grow their revenues through government contracting. According to, the federal government spends over $500 billion annually on goods and services. Thanks to changes in federal policy, women-owned businesses have a greater chance to win government contracts. The Women-Owned Small Business Program, recently created by the Small Business Administration (SBA),Read… Read more »

Local Business Contracting Compliance – Do you have tips for us??

The Human Rights Commission (HRC) in San Francisco is committed to ensuring government contracts stimulate the local economy. To ensure compliance with San Francisco Administrative Code Chapter 14B Local Business Enterprise and Non-Discrimination in Contracting Ordinance the HRC has teamed up with the Department of Technology’s Emerging Technologies team. They have been tasked with recommendingRead… Read more »

What if the rules were re-written to compel the minority party to run the Ethics Committees?

In the real world, few Sheriffs police the general populace. Logic would contend that the few could/should be empowered to police the many. An incomplete thought but worth thinking about in light of all the hype the media gives to wayward MoC’s that rarely results in official Congressional sanction by Standards of Conduct. Comments welcomeRead… Read more »

Cartesian Dualism and the Problem of Social Networks

I was reading this morning’s Washington Post about the difficulty Organizing for America, “the 13 million-strong grass-roots network built during (the Obama) presidential campaign” was having in having a legislative impact. It brought to mind the similar network of that didn’t come through for 2004 Democratic Presidential Primary contender Howard Dean and it also broughtRead… Read more »