Federal Decision Makers Still Reading the Printed Word and Attending Trade Shows

Today, more than 200 executives from the DC area convened at the fourth annual Federal Media and Marketing Study (FMMS) breakfast hosted by Market Connections to learn how to effectively reach government decision makers when selling to the federal market. Knowing how to target those leaders who, ultimately, make the buying decisions can be highly challenging.

Fortunately, the 2012 FMMS presented by Market Connections, in conjunction with Sara Leiman, vice president, media director at TMP Government, aggregated the use of print, television, radio, mobile, social media and Internet-based news media by senior federal employees. With than 3,700 decision makers — the largest response to date – the study provides the necessary insights into how to reach and influence those in government who are buying your products and services.

Here’s the big news: the printed word is not dead. Federal decision makers are not abandoning reading printed magazines in droves, as one would expect. In fact, the shift away reading printed publications is smaller compared to last year. In addition, government executives are still attending trade shows and networking events.

So, what doe this mean? It is clear that traditional marketing is still the most effective way to reach government decision makers, as print media and trade shows are still highly viable marketing channels. Also, government media publishers need to diversify their offerings as federal readers consume content in both print and digital forms.

Marketers should also consider this research as proof that their print advertising budgets are not going to waste. In fact, with print media still being a viable marketing channel, companies and organizations selling to the government may want to consider keeping their budgets steady or even increasing their print advertising budget.

Check out the full post on FedConnects here.

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